Light shines through
The darkest corner of my heart
As I think of you
Suddenly I'm ready for a new start
I'm ready to bite the dust
Here I have no one to trust
Throw down your cloak, follow me
If you want to learn how to live

You're swimming through my dreams
Like a fish in the sea
Stop to catch a breath of air
Things are never what they seem
I've been watching you
And every step you take
Step away, step away
Her house is no place
For you to be spending
Your nights and your days

Test the waters with me
I'll show you a part of you
That you've never even seen
You've made it possible
To live life never knowing yourself
You've got fire in your eyes
But no books upon the shelf
I bring out the worst
I bring out the best
But you'll never know this
Until you put me to the test

When did you ever love
An indecisive mind?
And when did you ever want
A love that's already died?
Scream in my face
Your whispers get lost in this place
Half of the excitement
Is what's in the chase

She don't keep a photo of you like I do
She don't stare at it all night long
She don't wait for you to call like I do
She's never written you a song
She treats you like I never would
She don't treat you like she should
So come on baby, escape into my arms
I'm tired of you being under my charms
I want it to be real this time
Will you talk to me if we take a drive?
Or we could walk downtown
Under the moonlit night
Sit on a bench with our ice cream
Tell each other our hopes and dreams
We can appreciate the architecture
Please, stop thinking of her
She's left you once for another man
And all this time
I've been your number one fan
Screaming emotions
Took a wrong turn
They never came out the right way
Instead they sit inside and burn
I'm worn to a frazzle
You tell me I look dazzling
But you spend the weekend with her
Thinking maybe now she's mature
Baby, she may have years on me
But I am something she'll never be
I am something she'll never be

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