I've scraped the glass for crumbs, and asked the mirror for some truth.
I've loaded my body with chemicals.
It was no use.
'Cause retribution's coming for the years of this abuse.
And I can't get away, and still I can't get close enough to you.

You won't go away, but every hit is just a taste.
Something scares me in this place, I self-destruct for days.
You won't go away, but every hit is just a taste of all the things I need to face.
But it's all so fake.

It's a constant reminder of what I can and cannot have.
The smell, the taste, it's all just fake, the truth is what I lack
so I will keep on running and keep my head above the ground,
and I will look for you in places you cannot be found.

You won't go away, but every hit is just a taste.
You won't go away, still I've been gone for days.

"It's okay," a voice says.
"We all look elsewhere,"
it's true that I look elsewhere for you.

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God and Drugs song meanings
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    General CommentWhat a powerful, deep, symbolic song. I can honestly say The Classic Crime's new album is absolutely flawless.

    God and Drugs is about how people try to substitute their addictions for the need of God ("look elsewhere"). These false gods aren't necessarily drugs (a metaphor the title suggests) but can include money and material possessions that people idolize and crave instead of God. And they get the same comfort and relation with their addictions than they did through God, which eventually leaves them in a rut. But come to the realization that God is the ONLY thing that will truly always be there and never go away.

    Sure, the Classic Crime do not label themselves Christian Band because of their problems with the CCM industry. But they surely do deal with God and Christian themes in their music through some of their songs, as well as keep it general enough so that anyone, even people outside the Christian faith, can relate to their songs and messages. What an amazing band.
    Hans Leopoldon August 21, 2008   Link
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    General Commentdan, if you want anyone except christians to listen to them, then they have to create music, not make praise, they are spreading the gospel.."They need to tell people that simple faith in what Jesus did can save them from eternal death!"..if someone listens to their music, they can be moved towards searching for that, but they cant put the lyrics "jesus is Lord" in every song, the bible doesnt even do that, it points you toward Jesus, it deals with all of life, so...yea
    lifesamiston October 28, 2008   Link
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    General CommentSimple meaning. :]
    He tried to replace God for drugs. it ruined him. A wake up call that he needs God to live and cant run from Him. He looked elsewhere for the satisfaction that God gives.
    chexiaon July 22, 2008   Link
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    General Commentwell the meaning is true, but it never says he tried to "run" from God. He's just looking for him so that he can help him get away from drugs.
    hockey2skateon July 22, 2008   Link
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    General CommentYa i agree with Hockey2skate. I think the song is about him doing all types of drugs and relizing that he's just wasting away. and that he need someone bigger then himself to help him.
    skaterpunkrockeron July 24, 2008   Link
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    General Commentlifesamist is right. it's not our job to convince people that they need something they don't want. they have to come to that realization themselves or through people relating to them much like through this song. matt is saying here, "hey...i was there before. this is what helped me."

    and when people find someone that's been where they are, believe me, they'll want to hear more. maybe they pick up the album and hear more of their songs.

    there are more effective ways to bring people to the one person that can save them than just flat out saying, "you dont want to burn forever right? then find jesus." that line of thinking only pushes people away.

    spread love, not fear.
    ShikamaruXXXon November 10, 2008   Link
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    General CommentGod and Drugs is truly amazing. What a moving piece of work.
    TCCforeveron November 23, 2008   Link
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    General CommentAll the things God can give him, he looked for in drugs. Later he found out God is much better than drugs.
    imtheleadon April 23, 2010   Link
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    General Commentgoing off of what lifesamist said... i learned by listening to this band in particular that you can't just shove the gospel down a nonbeliever's throat, it just doesn't work like that. they can't be spiritually moved by force. i was really impressed with the way the lyrics of their songs have the ability to move spiritually without being obvious, since most nonbelievers are postmodernists who feel uncomfortable with force and i keep trying to tell my family that...
    anyway, this song is one of my favorite ones by this band, because it's so easy to relate to (ideally, not always specifically). because everyone needs god, the truth, and hardly anyone wants to accept the truth, they turn to harmful earthly things.
    lokipandaon March 04, 2013   Link
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    General CommentHans leopard pretty much hit it on the dot. In reponse to what he says aboutthe band themselves I would have to say that because they "keep it general enough so that anyone, even people outside the Christian faith, can relate to their songs and messages." It is this very thing that makes them flawed. IF they don't let the listener know what it is they are trying to say then they can never real make a difference. Especially in the spiritual sense. I believe that these guys are Christians whether they call themselves a Christian band or not, but if they are then they are failing in their job to bring others to Christ. There are millions of people out there destined for Hell and eternal torture in the lake of fire and if these guys have the key to save themselves and others how can they honestly stand there and keep their messages vague. I think this band needs to be alot more clear in share the Gospel, the Jesus Died for our sins was buried and rose again. They need to tell people that simple faith in what Jesus did can save them from eternal death! What a message! This is what the band should be dealing with!
    DanJackieChanon September 25, 2008   Link

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