They say there's a wave that's coming someday
to send all the Ferris wheels washing away.
The seashells succumb to a watery grave
in the sands of the sunken empire.
You've heard of a flame that's rising around
to burn all the brothels of Babylon down.
Collapsing the kingdoms and twisting the towns
into playgrounds of children on fire.
And we're just walking on by preoccupied with the fairy tale life
that saps the last breath from the lungs of the lonely;
Lifts up the desperate then tears them down slowly.
Blessed are the blasphemous; blind are the holy
who's altars will alter the tribes as they're walking on by
There's talk of a storm that's brewing on high.
It won't leave a rainbow it won't leave a sky;
just mannequins frozen with fear in their eyes
where the shadows evade the sundials.
You're taking a pill that's keeping you ill
while puppeteers tell you it's making you well.
When Munchausen syndrome hits biblical scales
and the snakes in the cradle all smile.
But we're just walking on by lost on the wind as the hurricane cries.
The song of the wrecking ball sings in the distance;
crumbling hope in the face of resistance;
filling the void with the ghost of existence when everything clear disappears
as we're walking on by.
Oh, where have all the angels gone
they know not where they roam?
They've choked on all the breadcrumbs
and erased the trail back home.
There're bruises on the fruit again; the lights have lost their glow.
The rats are in the cornfield where we all reap what we sow.
They've planted a plague that grows from a seed
in the unguarded garden the gardeners asleep.
They'll spread the disease through the birds and the bees
to the innocent standing on trial.
So line up the casualties all in a row
and carry them down where the horses won't go.
We'll scatter the ashes with silver and gold
while the wolves of redemption run wild.
When no one's walking on by you'll pay the piper for paying no mind.
So turn every time bomb into an alarm clock.
Blend all the colors like feathers on peacocks.
Build up the bridges around all the roadblocks
and maybe we'll meet on the way.
Someday when we're walking on by.

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