"Union (Slopes Of St. Benedict)" as written by Joakim Broden and Par Sundstrom....
Regard your soldiers as your children
And they will follow you into the deepest battles
Look upon them as your own beloved sons
And they will stand by you, even until death

As a turn of the tide
It is our turn to rise
The force of a union at war
March over the mountains
On our way to the north
On the road that will lead us to Rome
Our way will not be easy
It will take us through hardship and pain
Hill after hill breaking their lines of defense
head on north

Mile after mile our march carries on
No army may stop our approach
Fight side by side
Many nations unite
At the shadow of Monte Cassino
We fight and die together
As we head for the valley of death
Destiny calls
We'll not surrender or fail

To arms!
Under one banner
As a unit we stand and united we fall
As one! Fighting together
Bringing the end to the slaughter
Winds are changing
head on north

Head on north
Head on north
Times are changing
Head on north

To arms
Under one banner
As a unit we stand and united we fall
As one, fighting together
Bringing an end to the slaughter
Winds are changing

Head on north!

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"Union" as written by Par Sundstrom Joakim Broden

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Union (Slopes Of St. Benedict) song meanings
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    General CommentPoland! By the way, sounds very good.
    lipseon December 05, 2013   Link
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    General CommentIt's about American participation in the Battle of Monte Cassino. Just listen to the line, "And united we fall -as one."

    Also look at the lines of:

    "As a turn of the tide
    It is our turn to rise
    The force of a union at war"

    The USA joined at a pivotal moment in the course of the war.
    Kafarion April 04, 2014   Link
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    General CommentI agree some of the lines seem to refer to the us changing the tied but I don't think the lines about united as one refer to just the US it's seems more likely they are refering to all the troops of the allies fighting together as one large army. After all it's not like the US was the only one doing the fighting even if sometimes we think we single handedly won the war (or in this case a battle) :p
    deliriumtheendlesson May 08, 2015   Link
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    General CommentThe Song is definitely not about Poland (that would be Sabaton's other song: 40:1), not about the US specifially and only partially about the Battle of Monte Cassino.

    It is about the allied campaign to retake Italy that took place along Highway 6 aka The Road to Rome, which led through mountainous terrain, culminated in the Battle of Monte Cassino and ended in the capture of Rome itself.

    The campaign involved troops from the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, and resistance fighters from Poland, France and Italy; which is where the Song's title "Union" comes from along with verses such as

    "Fight side by side,
    many nations unite
    we fight and die together"


    "Under one banner,
    as a unit we stand,
    and united we fall".

    The "united we fall" part of the last verse refers to the Battle of Monte Cassino (Jan 17 - May 18, 1944), which the allies won, but sustained heavy losses at when compared to the axis (55,000 vs. 20,000); who had hill-top advantage and months to prepare a defence.

    So does the second part of the Song's title: Slopes of St. Benedict. St. Benedict was the founder of an abbey on top of Monte Cassino which, after being bombed by the US who mistakenly though it was being used by the axis, ironically actually started becoming used, quite effectively, by german paratroopers.

    Although this prominence of Monte Cassino makes it seem that the entire song revolves around it, the opening verse

    "As a turn of the tide,
    it is our turn to rise"

    and the closing verse

    "Bringing the end to the slaughter.
    Winds are changing
    Head at north!"

    Shows that it is only one aspect of the main theme: The turning-point of the war.
    AlexWhitmoreon January 30, 2016   Link
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    General CommentPolska or amerika either way I will Anschluss them
    Potatoiskey on April 22, 2017   Link
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    General CommentThe Battle of Monte Cassino, near Rome, in WW2
    IQon July 20, 2008   Link

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