"War Song" as written by and Marc Andrew Roberge Richard On....
Oh my God
Tell me this won't last forever
Tell me that I'm not alone
Tell me this will come together now

Packed my things up just the other day
Said my goodbyes to all these things I've sayed
Out in the driveway we laugh under the moon
Among my friends for now but I'll be leavin' soon

Many days from now I'm sure
I'll be back among your graces
And with you I won't pretend
No not at all, Oh

Crack the morning, up and running quick
No sleep again last night
That's the way it is
Out in the open under broken skies
I feel every foot step I see everybody's eyes

Oh and this is summer, in another world
Far from the driveway and my baby girl
Soon come the winter and with it quiet nights
And darker days and darker fights

Many days from now I'm sure
I'll be back among your faces
And with you I won't pretend
No not at all

Oh, the theater is burnin over at midnight
But never like this
Hot under the fire, the stars are a fallin
But never like this
No, I hope you never see this

Wait, wait for my love
Don't forget me never let me go
If you wait, wait for my love
I'll remember never let you go

Until I'm fine, fine, fine
Until I'm fine, fine, fine

To be back in my room
I have the same dream every night
Just me, among my things
No one else is there, there's no one left to fight, just me

Among my things
Many nights from now I know
I'll be back among your graces
Until then I'll just pretend
That I'm not cold

Oh my god, tell me this won't last forever
And tell me that I'm not alone
Tell me this will come together
Oh my God you know

Wait, wait for my love
Don't forget me never let me down
And just wait, wait for my love
I'll remember every one of you

And just wait, wait for my love
Wait, wait for my love
Wait for my love

Until I'm fine, fine, fine
Until I'm fine, fine, fine
I'll be fine, fine, fine
I'll be fine, fine, fine

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"War Song" as written by Richard Joe On Marc Andrew Roberge


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    General CommentI'm surpised nobody has commented on these lyrics yet.

    The 1st chorus says "I'll be back among your GRACES" while the 2nd chorus actually says "I'll be back among your FACES."

    I think this could be symbolism that the soldier doesn't know "how" he'll be back with his friends the next time. Among "your graces" could mean together again, hanging out, just like the old days. But, "among your faces" could mean the next time his friends see him could be at his funeral.

    Scary thought.
    M3on July 26, 2008   Link
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    General CommentM3 - I think you're on to something there...

    I think the change from "graces" to "faces" is significant in the sense that when a soldier leaves, they have every expectation of coming home to a world that was the same as when they left. However, when we really do come home - we are not the same as the person who left.

    I think O.A.R. has perfectly captured the idea and reality that we often come home as strangers to our friends and family. While we may be with them again, it often feels like we're just standing in a crowd of faces and strangers rather than the crowd of people we once connected with as friends and family.

    I don't want to give the impression that all soldiers come home "messed up" but in my personal experience I felt a little lost with my "friends" when I came home.

    My closest family and friends today are those that I served with and those that have been through the same experiences. Like speaks to like; I would never give up my experience to go back to who I was before. I love being in the graces of my fellow soldiers more than anything.
    Darth412000on July 28, 2008   Link
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    General CommentJust found this:

    This was written after the band's life-changing USO tour of Kuwait and Iraq in August 2007. The group witnessed the war playing out in front of them as a casual conversation with medics was interrupted when the soldiers ran to save the lives of incoming wounded. Frontman and lyricist Marc Roberge explained on the album's promotional materials: "It was the heaviest thing I have ever seen. I could have written a ton of songs about the experience, but we thought putting just one on the record was perfect. Soldiers say they listen to music to escape, not to be reminded of where they are. 'War Song' is not about our view of the war; it is about the warriors we met. It follows someone who must leave home, go across the world, and be expected to return the same. We thought the rest of the songs on the album should be escapes, not reminders."
    Darth412000on July 28, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI can't listen to this song with out a lump forming in my throat. The lyrics hit home all too well. I'm sure its the same for thousands of other American who have loved ones who are currently deplayed. This song has single handedly made me an O.A.R. fan!
    D1on October 07, 2008   Link
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    General Commentfirst time i read these lyrics was in a letter from my girlfriend when i was in basic. perfect in every sense.
    TheStranger5250on December 23, 2008   Link
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    General Commentsongs like this are why oar is the best band out there right now....not every song they sing is about purely love or relationships or "whoah is me, im a pussy and cant get the girl"....they have the capacity to respectfully write songs about meaningful and deserving issues. By respectfully I mean they dont get political with their music and always carroborate their music with melodies and lyrics that are real..What could be more justifiable than writing a song about the people that sacrifice their lives for everyone else? "wait for my love" couldn't Capture the intentions of War song any better....Its almost hard to believe that Marc didn't serve any tour in the desert...This song isnt preachy nor is it loaded with cliche watered down lyrics. Add all of this with oar's undeniable ability to rock a live show (their live shows actually sound better than their studio recordings, which most bands fail to do), and you have one of the best bands of our generation....I will indeed say with confidence that OAR is as good if not better than DMB....
    illkickyouinthenutson March 05, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI like to listen to this song as if the guy just got drafted and he doesn't want to really go, and when he comes back he battles something all too common, PTSD ("I have the same dream every night"). All in all what he really wants is his girl to wait for him to come back.

    P.S.- @illkickyouinthenuts- O.A.R. is miles better than DMB.
    ddemo131on November 28, 2010   Link

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