It begins...

with all white, in a sound-proofed hallway
you’re staring down the empty eye slits of a low socket.
Waking on the floor at the foot of the bright-light blocking and locked
hundredth door of luck.

At the opposite end of the hall sits a pair of empty pay public binoculars,
slumped, facing your way.

In the dead of their stare, you marvel about,
until you eye this one door that appears to be both half open and closed.
And are drawn, moth to the bulb,
head down, as if reeled round a gear by the guts,
inching toward your intuit-picked portal of choice...
Now knelt, yet not without nerves in this moment of mostly glory,
you look for the knob, and see nothing but healed shut keyhole.

Dax-strong in this dream, you begin to cut key
in the furthest corner of a clearest skull,
when you feel your kneecaps being nursed by a white-on white welcome mat.
You tilt your skull to read "WOE-BE-GONE" only written wrong or in mirror.
Your hands and heart full of edge, you lift the mat gently,
and there beneath its omen embroidered, sits an intact wishingbone.

You carefully lift your instrument of certain luck to the door,
and it slowly unclenches the scar seem set where it's keyhole would be,
and so you snap bliss bone, cut wish and begin to lock pick.

Until you hear trough the thick of the door the deadbolt coughing loose.

Suddenly the fear black above your skull, beneath your skin, goes wild!
As the door of your choice opens itself slowly,
sealing off your face with perfect stripes of rising bone and angst,
of alabaster and pit- allowing the bright right light of luck
to completely believe
and eclipse you.

Lyrics submitted by Derek_Hart

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    General CommentThough a little less final than other opinions given, I believe The Ends is really just an Ends to both Hour Hero, Yes's dependence on his high class life, his own selfish mind and perhaps his cloudy self image?
    The mention of a mother before the eclipse of The Hero gives an impression of the vitality that a mother takes in general life. Throughout the album, Hour Hero, Yes always maintains a standard of selfishness and vanity. The fact that a mother named NOW, during The Ends implies that there is a point now where The Hero realizes that he is not so great as to give birth to himself alone. That he himself was once a one-celled-organism.
    "At the foot of the bright light blocking and locked hundredth door of luck." Another 'door' he has been found before (reference to Nomanisisland), only this is “the door of your choice”. It seems strange to me that the rest of the song is about him trying to get inside of this door, (with a wishbone, of all instruments!) and the moment he does, he takes on the only form we've seen him; perhaps finally- FINALLY, our hero sees himself as he has been all along.
    Derek_Harton October 06, 2008   Link

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