Down the street and over two blocks
Is the local quickie mart
Twenty four hours of convenience
Be still my beating heart

Iced tea, chili dog
And a grape slushie
Bag of chips, candy bar
If I've got the money

And I can use the in-store microwave
And think of all the money that I save

And when I get there
Why there's just so much to choose
I forget what I went there to do


Four big isles
For you to walk up and down
Find the things there
That you didn't think
Could be found

See the moving camera placed there
Up so high
Monitering movement
Safety electric eye

Magazine rack, yes, I'll be back
Candy aisle, you make me smile
Lots of chips and lots more dips
Toiletries for my hygiene

Ham and cheese
With a pickle on the side
Count my change
'Cause you soon will be mine

Eat you up

Magazine racks, I'll be back
Candy aisle, you make me smile
Lots of chips and lots more dip
Toiletries for my hygiene

I'm lookin' for something
Yeah, somethin' with spice
Nacos with cheese
Now wouldn't that be nice

Just a dollar fourty nine
Put my money on the table
'Cause I want it right now
And I'm ready and able
So serve me

And while I'm shopping
At the convienence store
I think back to my younger days
When I used to ride there on my bike

I liked those days
And I want to go back
Yes, that's what I want
To go back, yes, oh

Take me back
Take me back

I wanna go back to when I was young
I wanna go back and I'm not the only one

I wanna go back
To an earlier time
I wanna relive
All the memories that are mine

I wanna go back
To my younger days
No, on second thought forget it
Back then I didn't get laid

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