All the time that you were standing by my side
She's that picture perfect kind
I can't believe I was so blind
Do you remember the time
You know I stepped across that line
I made you cry and that's my crime
I wish that I could just rewind

It's the evening, and you've been complaining
About our situation and all my deceiving
I know that everything is going slow
And if you want to feel better
I can tell you that it's going to be great
Yeah it's going to be good
Oh! But I would be lying to you

But these days, I'm changing
Meeting new faces
Now how am I supposed to be?
My feelings for you seem to be changing
Looking back, don't look back on me


いなくてもいい I wanted to be FREE
いなくなってもいい I wanted her to LEAVE
It's kind of hard to see... when the WORLD tunnel-visioned me
They say BELIEVE in what you can't SEE
頭では COMPREHEND しても行動に移せん
My eyes on the 理屈, the TRUTH's here LISTEN
CHASE しても CHASE しても things keep FLEETING
変な夢見てた I must have been SLEEPING
遠くさまよう前に近くを SEEK IT
よく見てみれば 心には BEACON
Of LIGHT 射して、探してた thing's HERE
思ったより NEAR, close to your HEMISPHERE
今では CLEAR 20/20 cuz I'mma SHARE
全て and I don't CARE if they think I'm WEIRD
There there nobody thinks you're weird
Ya see, I've been through it all before

And the same thing happened to me
きにしない "wounds heal with time"
But in the meanwhile...
I'll show you what I mean
Let's think of it another way
Everything we do and say defines who we are
As we live out each day
What we did was wrong at the time
But it helps us go back and rewind
It's a mistake but it ain't no crime
重なり合うのさ つまりそれが愛

I said goodbye
I didn't know that it would all turn out this way
But now I know
I realise
And I can learn from my mistakes

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