"Say Goodbye (Crafter lyrics)" as written by and Josef John W Peters Kevin Cameron....
Storm clouds hanging over head
Offer not the slightest bit of comfort
For the first time in days
I wait to discover
Disasters that I've slept through
While I felt so alive

So we say goodbye
So we say goodbye
Heartstrings severed just as quick
As they were discovered
So we say goodbye
So we say goodbye
I'll break my own fall to keep you picture perfect
Just don't wake me up now

so say goodbye
Close your eyes for the last time
Questioning everything that went wrong

the silence she whispers to me
Telling me things we dare to speak out loud
The collaboration of the blinding sun
Through vacant streets hits home hard
Like a hatchet to the skull
I'd keep you here if you kept me warm
And these winters away
Your hands were the only hands needed to hold me
For the first time in days
I feel alive

in the end we will both rot together
In the end we rot toegether
Our love lies in embers

say goodbye
Close your eyes for the last time
Questioning everything that went wrong

peering out of those same cracked windows
That I studied for day upon days
Suddenly collapse
It all falls down

say goodbye
Close your eyes for the last time
Questioning everything that went wrong

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"Say Goodbye" as written by Josef John W Peters Jona Weinhofen

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Say Goodbye (Crafter lyrics) song meanings
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    Lyric CorrectionWhy should something have to die
    Without no reason or question
    No second thought
    The river runs with the darkest blood
    Why should something have to bleed
    So you say goodbye
    Who am I to argue with fate
    Death be the only virtue
    So you say goodbye

    Think for yourself for once
    Argue every lie you are told
    Looking through a window at hell

    Say goodbye
    Close your eyes for the last time
    Say goodbye and close your eyes tonight
    Questioning everything that went wrong

    Do you ever think about the dead
    Do you ever question anything
    It's not too hard to open your eyes
    And think out loud for yourself
    In an era of pure darkness
    It seems these lines have changed
    Another victim born today
    Another victim born,
    Another vicitm has born and then forgotten

    Another blasphemy sending me to hell
    Another blasphemy sending me
    Sending me back to hell

    [Repeat CHORUS]

    With every argument and every thought
    Did you ever think about what had to die
    What had to die

    [Repeat CHORUS]

    So say goodbye, so close your eyes
    So say goodbye
    Say goodbye and close your eyes tonight
    haikallpon April 16, 2012   Link
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    General CommentThis is a really well done version by crafter

    When you first listen to it its kinda weird cause the lyrics are completely different from butchers version but once your used to the new lyrics its great song with great lyrics

    cheronandthegiantson October 09, 2008   Link
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    General Commentclearly a shot at religion
    anyone know where to get the rest of his lyrics?
    parkwayyon May 26, 2009   Link
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    General CommentLove this song. Been listening to Parkway Drive for a year and a half or so, they are by far my favorite band. So I decided to FINALLY give these guys an extensive listen. Was a bit confused by the change in vocalists. I definitely like Crafter though. He has a more understandable and brutal vocal style. Love these lyrics. Clearly a shot at religion, which I can't say I'm unhappy to see.

    I've been an atheist for four years now, and I understand the message here. I hate how people blindly accept some god and just live their lives in blissful ignorance. They are too weak to live their lives without a belief in some ridiculous higher power, it's pathetic. You have to realize the miracle that is every living being, it isn't as simple as god blinked everything into existence. It just isn't that simple, that's retarded to think. I also hate when religious people tell me I'm going to hell. I don't fucking believe in hell, so fuck off you pathetic person. AMIRIGHT?
    MetalcoreJ44on August 26, 2010   Link

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