"Real" as written by and John Rzeznik....
Hey, anybody in this world?
Can you talk to me a while?
Find a reason for it all?
'Cause I've keep thinking backwards
To a place I've never been,
To a home that never was
It's like I'm losing it again
And it takes so long to say these words
Can you wait that long for me?

Hey, nothing is real, it's all what you believe
Something you dream inside your head
You know how I feel because it's just you and me
Something I need to call my own
To feel and call my own

Duck inside this empty room,
And I'm waiting for the sun to come to me
Someday, I'm gonna get this right
Gonna find a better way, I wanna lead another life
I wanted to let you know me,
But I'm trapped inside the fear
And I never said a word though you always seemed to hear
When I take so long to say these words,
Yeah, you wait so long for me

Hey, nothing is real, it's all what you believe
Something you dream inside your head
You know how I feel because it's just you and me
Something I need to call my own
To feel and call my own

Hey, nothing is real, it's all what you believe
It's something you dream inside your head
You know how I feel because it's just you and me
Something I need to call my own

Nothing is real, it's all you believe
It's something you dream inside your head
Nothing is real, it's all what you believe
It's something I need to call my own
To feel and call my own

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"Nothing Is Real" as written by John T Rzeznik


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    General Commentwoa no comments? The goo goo dolls are clearly like one of the best bands out there! I just heard this song for the first time a few minutes ago but heres my guess on the meaning: I think he's talking about all the bad news in the world and how reading things like that make you just feel so down on life. However, if you let yourself be happy, do what you can to love and improve your own life, you can still feel alive and okay in such a fucked up world
    serenity23on August 01, 2008   Link
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    General CommentAs fucked up the world is being alive is a gift. You learn to love and give and take chances "its better to live with a pocket full of regrets than have never lived."
    dond23on August 02, 2008   Link
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    General CommentThis could be one of my all time favorite bands. I've read some biograpical information on them, and the way they write their music is they write it the way it sounds good to them. So if it sounds good to you, guess what? You'll continue to get great music from this band.

    This song . . . Wow. I love it first of all. It's typical goo goo dolls in sound and in lyrics. They tend to use sort of nebulous lyrics for many of their songs. It's sorta like lyrical Escher, but that's the point. Since several albums ago, their music has sort of focussed on the whole sense of being part of this "big machine" . . . As if we're all cogs in the wheel. Many of their songs touch lightly on the hoplessness that is being a part of that existence, but not really knowing any better. Their music is knowing better. It's transcendential of that condition. His reference to the "sting of corrosion" in this song seems to be an obvious reference to all of this, and sort of a nod to the previous work while simulteneously moving forward with a different direction, the idea that love and life are tied together, not the same, but difficult to define where one leaves off, and the other begins. Whereas in other albums the lyrics hit on the condition, this piece touches on the answers. The artist is asking "once you've transcended the oppression of the 'big machine' and you feel alive again, can you 'feel in love?'" It's tempting to think that the speaker in this song has transcended, but that's not really the case. The speaker knows that for that to happen, there first has to be love, so this is the struggle the song centers on.

    Ot me this song and others from this band are a reminder that we can be in the "world" without being OF the "world." That if you live with "open arms and wide awake" you'll emerge from this place where "nothing's real and nothing lasts" and "everything shines but leaves me empty." It may be a bit ambitious, but maybe this band can tackle the concept of what "love" really is, and what it REALLY means to love someone (not just adore them). It's sort of out of their normal lore, but it's one of the great lies; that if you subscribe to them, love has been sorta confused with lust and adoration. It isn't that. It's a choice, much like what the speaker in this song is asking the other person to make.

    Anyway, these are pretty raw thoughts, so I'm sure I probably missed somethings and got a few things incorrect, but I believe the gist is there.
    schnibitzon March 13, 2009   Link
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    General CommentWow, there are, like, NO comments. This is probably my favorite son
    by The Goo Goo Dolls. It's such a great song, with a great meaning.
    The world is so messed up("You read the news, it turns you inside out")
    but you should still be greatfull that you're alive, and make the
    best of it("The biggest chance that we can take is open arms and
    wide awake"). The Goo Goo Dolls are one of the best bands ever!
    jessieBDon May 26, 2009   Link
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    General Commenti love this song, the goo goo dolls are sucha good band. they are my favorite
    singmeyourlovesongon August 27, 2009   Link
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    General CommentWell, this song was written for the 2008 American Olympic team. There's an album specifically for that purpose, its a compilation of songs from different artists. I believe all the songs on that album were written for that purpose specifically. Could be wrong, but I kinda remember reading that somewhere. So the song is directed to the American athletes.

    -You read the news, it turns you inside out- : Again, directed toward our Olympic athletes. The news and media are "turning them inside out" for everyone else to see.

    There's also a shit ton of errors in these lyrics.

    Caught in the blind spot of "being in love" is actually "mirrored love"

    Can you feel in love
    When you're feeling alive should be:

    Can you feel alive
    The way I feel your light
    SteelersGirlon September 17, 2009   Link

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