A bonus track off Lupe Fiasco’s debut album “Lupe Fiasco’s Food & Liquor” which was released in 2006...
I can't feel a field nigga pain,
Devious skill that make a strong-willed nigga wane
Since a li'l nigga hang with the killers and distributers of cane
They dismemberers of swishas and refill it with the Jane,
Then they tilt it and they lit it with the flame,
Then they took a quarter kilo to the brain like
[inhales] ahh,
Evil minded like Crane,
They became, they deranged,
Like the rover that I rode,
That was the wings that I drove,
When I was a little bit older,
Man, declaring war on the deck like they the Joker,
All while duckin' from Bruce Wayne,
While they polka with the devil in our moon-lit ghetto,
'Hello My Name' stickers on stickers of the veins in rehab,
Remembering the feelings when they used to get mellow,
When they was on back of a nickel like Monticello,
In the underworld, had to be smarter than Donatello,
No honor amongst fellows,
It's harder than sittin' with a blind man and,
Trying to describe yellow,
Got me feeling like Killa Joe,
My life the album,
Know the classics by heart,
and exactly how the filler go,
Repeat it on my way to the liquor store

What down, what down? Y'know what I
'm sayin? That's why I do what I do. We'll be a'ight, we all be a'ight. We just gotta stay in our lane and do what we know how to do.

I can't feel a field nigga's chains,
Though I covet mine,
So I covered mine in bling,
Till I bumped into a bum,
And covered mine in shame,
Then I bumped into a hon,
And uncovered mine again,
Diamonds done undermined it, man,
They'll give a nigga with no mack another kind of game,
See money talk in another kind of slang
Detectives can't decipher as they listen through the wire,
As I accept the call, and listen to the lifer,
Gettin' religion, makin wudu in the sink of his cell,
Recitin' 'Al faa ti ha' in the kitchen,
Indeed on his deen in addition to doin' dishes,
Listen as I give school to the rules to rule,
The fuel of fools, the obstacles to cool
Had to slow it down, homie,
Chopped and screwed,
He said "Blow it down for me"
Sticks and stones,
Make the homes, only God's words can stop the wolves,
And don't fraternize with pigs, them kids'll think you stool,
Not at the bar, but tryin' to put 'em behind the bar,
Like a bartender,
He laid the law like the Bar,
So I put in in the bar and do,
He said "Buy my jewels, and barter fools,"
'Cause they a player,
Like the space bar in tubes,
Theme music to a driveby,
Put it in your car and cruise!

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    General Comment'Hello My Name' stickers on the stickers of the veins in rehab,
    Remembering the feelings when they used to get mellow,
    When they was on back of a nickel like Monticello

    I remember the first time I heard this song, I grabbed a nickel out of my pocket and to my delight, saw the word 'Monticello.' It makes me mad when some of my friends say, "He's like Kanye, he's deep and raps about important topics but he's not someone who has great punchlines." The truth is, he's deep AND he has unbelievable punchlines.
    LennonFiascoon November 10, 2008   Link
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    General CommentThis song is amazing, though some of the lyrics are wrong.
    kingcam07on October 06, 2008   Link
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    General CommentCan please some1 explain all or some of the "puns".

    Berkombon February 09, 2009   Link

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