The song is about the different wars that have changed our generations to what they are now. It tells a story in the lyrics that move the listener in many ways....
From Agincourt to Waterloo
Poitiers and then Anjou
The Roses War, the Hundred Years
Through battlefields of blood and tears

From Bosworth Field to Pointe Du Hoc
Stalingard and the siege of York
The bloody turf of Gallipoli
Had no effect on the killing spree

Bannockburn to Austerlitz
The fall of France and the German blitz
The cruelest of atrocities
Europa's blood is borne of these

Heaven help in all our battles
Heaven see love, heaven help us

Bolshevisks and feudal lords
Chivalry to civil wars
Fascist rule and genocide
Now we face the rising tide

Of new crusades, religious wars
Insurgents imported to our shores
The western world, gripped in fear
The mother of all battles here

Heaven help in all our battles
Heaven see love, heaven help us
Avant hier, avons être
Déja demain, (nous) sommes éclairée

All glory, all honor
Victory is upon us
Our savior, fight evil
Send armies to defend us

Empires built, and nations burned
Mass graves remain unturned
Decendants of the dispossessed
Return with bombs strapped to their chests

There's hate for life, and death in hate
Emerging from the new caliphate
The victors of this war on fear
Will rule for the next thousand years

All glory, all honor
Victory is upon us
Our savior, fight evil
Send armies to defend us
Europa, Europa
Find better days before us
In kindness, in spirit
Lead us to a greater calling

Europa, Europa
Find better days before us
In kindness, in spirit
Lead us to a greater calling

Lennigrad, Berlin wall
March on Rome, Byzantium's fall
Lightning war, Dresden nights
Drop the bomb, end this fight!

Never again!

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    General CommentI love Immediate Music and Globus, and the music is breathtaking. The lyrics for this one, though, really do not sit well with me. It's not a call to end war. It's a rather incongruous list of all the bloodshed of Europe's history (which is true) mixed with declaring a new religious war and calling for divine help in said war.

    This stanza clearly lays out the "western world" vs. "insurgents.. on our shores". Unfortunately, I take that to mean immigrants. (Europe has even bigger anti-immigration issues than the US does at this point.)

    "Of new crusades, religious wars
    Insurgents imported to our shores
    The western world, gripped in fear
    The mother of all battles here"

    This clause is an obvious reference to terrorism. Which would be OK if it was condemning it, but the first line suggests "the children of those we threw out". Which makes it a revenge attack?

    "Decendants of the dispossessed / Return with bombs strapped to their chests"

    The caliphate reference here is blatantly a Muslim reference:

    "There's hate for life, and death in hate / Emerging from the new caliphate"

    And of course "the bomb" in this case is obviously nuclear:

    "Drop the bomb, end this fight! / Never again!"

    And yet the Never Again line is completely out of place. That's generally taken as a reference to the Holocaust, and a call to *end* racism and genocide. To use that line immediately after a call to nuclear war is... weird at best.

    Were the song a call for divine intervention to finally put an end to war and bloodshed, I'd be fine with it. But it's not. I see it very clearly as a call for divine intervention in yet-another religious war, to ensure (Christian?) Europe's dominance for the next thousand years. And then it mixes in a 20th century please for peace at the end.

    I almost wish it could make up its mind. A song that is all "ra-ra Europa, let's kick ass in the world" I could deal with. One that calls on the goddess of Europe to put and end to 2000 years of bloodshed I could deal with. But switching back and forth like that, especially in an openly racist fashion, well, just doesn't sit well and is not up to the amazing nature of the music behind it.
    Crellon October 28, 2011   Link
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    General CommentI adore this song. I felt like I had to post because the politically correct crowd moved in and began complaining about how racist this song is. Or insensitive whatever.
    As someone who is European and identifies as a nationalist this song and Globus Black parade essentially glorifies Europes history and its ability to pull through despite all the odds.
    Europes go to enemy is simply the Islamic nations. Europe is not a continent in any real sense of the world. It is a cultural continent and it used to be much much larger spanning northern African Turkey and Syria but then the golden age of Islam arose. Europe shrank. The enlightened nations were conquered forcibly converted and mass rapes and forced marriages ensued. The original western inhabitants of lower eastern Europe and what is now spain and Portugal was decimated swallowed up into the Islamic horde.
    The horde reached northern France until it was sent back.
    This song glorifies major battles that took place in Europe but its main meaning (to me) is a warning about Islam.
    It speaks about "Insurgents upon our shores".
    Now this could mean any number of things. Most immigration into Europe is actually from other European countries.
    However there is mass emigration from Turkey and there are many asylum seekers and illegal refugees leaving Africa via boat or other means.
    The song could be referring to this but I don't think so.
    I think it is more likely the song is referring to legal Muslims who perform cultural Jihad and the Jihadist who return from wars such as the Syria war. There is some three thousand "European" muslims fighting in Syria right now against Assad.
    They will undoubtedly loose and if they flee back into Europe we will have a very large population of veteran Jihadist warriors living in Europe. They will almost certainly attempt to perform terrorist acts. The French government have publically spoken about this and estimated potentially 800 people will return from the Syrian war.

    In conclusion the song is about European warfare and has a very clear anti Islam message.
    I think that declaring this song racist is incorrect it is certainly anti Islamic however.
    unijawon February 18, 2014   Link
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    General CommentI like this song. Is good song about remove kebab. My favorite topic.
    Serbiastrongon April 15, 2014   Link
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    General CommentThis song is about every single war that was ever fought in Europe. The first three quatrains is about the conflicts ranging from the Hundred Years War to World War II. As the song progresses, it is then about the Middle East conflict ("New crusades/religious wars/insurgents imported to our shores"). The Heaven help us part is, obviously, soldiers asking God to aid them in battle against their enemies. The fourth line of the last stanza clearly refers to World War III (Drop the bomb, end this fight).

    I really love this song and I just wanted to be the first one here to write my view on it. I don't want to get into any debate dealing with the subject matter, I just think the song is epic
    runningbul1on April 25, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI don't think the "Heaven help us" part is about asking for help against their enemies. I interpret it as a plea to end the fighting.
    Girogon October 30, 2010   Link
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    My OpinionIt's totally stupid to believe that the ''Heaven help us'' is a plea to end the fighting since the song goes ''Heaven help in our battles... victory is upon us''. I am with runningbul1. The song is about wars and their outcomes. Perfect song with a unique background music and rythm. Just close your eyes and let yourself to its magic.
    Aramisaramison December 02, 2010   Link
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    General Commenti think the song refers to all of the wars and battles that have taken place in europe and how war tech has changed im with aramisaris
    harry1110on September 05, 2012   Link
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    Song MeaningI am Arab Muslim. I traveled to several western countries in Europe and North America. I am an engineer by profession however I also like classic and some song both from the Middle east and Europe . The rhythm of the song is absolutely superb and the singer did a excellent job in delivering the lyrics .
    However that does not mean the Lyrics is above criticism . It is true it talk about the past and present bloody war history in Europe then it switch to the Middle East in a clear anti Muslim tone. I can understand that there were violent and terrorist act committed by some persons and individuals whom happened to be Muslims and living in Europe. There are some points that should be raised
    1- The death tool of civilian in the Middle east as result of Western intervention is counted on the Millions ( See British and Human right group studies on Iraq invasion )
    2-There was no mention or appeal for Pease “ Drop the Bomb which correctly meant Nuclear” and then “Will rule for the next thousand years” is it a call for a 4th Reich ?
    3- Yes the song talked about many past bloody battle in Europe but in the Middle east it is a blood bath that is continuing which make it very sensitive specially at the End with Dropping the Bomb and calling for a victory from God.
    4- There was no mention of atrocity by Zionist for instance which are part of Europe history ( Read History) . Also using the phrase “Never again”. There was no mention of the thousands that was killed in Bosnia (the majority of the victims are Muslims)
    Do you want to know why ? will you have to look deeper on the group
    ( I just used Wikipedia ) and see the members like the lead composer "Yoav Goren"(An Israeli-born American) and you will see the picture.
    It is a fantastic tune delivered perfectly but sorry it has racist and anti Muslim "Islamophobia" .
    jim3411on November 19, 2013   Link
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    General Commentwell, historically europe wasa very religious country. The "heaven help us in all our battles" bit may not reflect the band's own ideology, it could just be something that would actually be said by europeans in a time of war, especially in the good ol' days. The same could be said about the rest of the lyrics really, but I admit it's hard to tell
    ehcon September 08, 2015   Link
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    General CommentWhile the music itself its gorgeous, I think this song is very unusual with the lyrics it contains.
    Rather than a cry for an end of war, it just lists Europe's long list of wars and genocides, broken by seemingly desperate cries for divine help, and finishes with a very uncharacteristic yell for a bomb to be dropped.

    The first three verses of the song are undeniably a look to the past
    ( "From Agincourt to Waterloo.." )

    Broken by a cry for divine help
    ( "Heaven help in all out battles.." )

    Followed by, this time, a look at the present problems pressing Europe.
    (" Bolshevisks and feudal lords.. Now we face the rising tide" )

    Another to verses as a cry for help from a greater power.

    And this time it is followed by a look at Europe's possible future. To me, this is the key part of the song, where it looks mostly at Europe's war on terrorism and the fear from the western world.
    "Decendants of the dispossessed
    Return with bombs strapped to their chests"
    "The victors of this war on fear
    Will rule for the next thousand years"

    In the last three paragraphs, the song ties all three of these, past, present, and future, together. To me, the last part shows the views of different people. Some will hope for the better future, others will look at the bloodstained past, others will merely cry for divine intervention, and finally, some see nothing but lack of hope, and will drop a bomb to 'end this fight'.
    CatcherOfStarson October 23, 2016   Link

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