it's time to get into some sin/ you been listenin to giberish hits in the interum/ them are done cause cause here me come/
to make you stand up stand tough hands up/ damn ya
if you don't get it get rid of it, trip if you diggin it/
I gues I got more than my balls and my word/ I got broads in a herd chasin this and all on my nerves/
they have the illness
they feel this realness/ chill bitch/ I got the bed that's too crowded for you to come get in it/ I spit that tech sheizter off to y'all/ it's crazy even Michael Jackson said it's off the wall/
I brought the sickness big techs live less/
midwest/I be the best don't forget it nobody can get wit it/ So when you see me in the spot, bow down trick/
I eat, drink, sleep, dress, look and sound rich/
So jump up, they pumped up, crunked up everyone must/
stop wit the jealousy wit me the hatas be rivvited/
(K.I.L.L) E to the r uh dot (bang!) just ain't fair, that when I pop up the spot be like YEAH!/

Killer killer it's the gorilla/ Everyday fill ya/ they screamin like
yeah yeah yeah/
like yeah yeah yeah/
Mr Mr "quick to get wit'cha"/
chick if she ?? she be like
yeah yeah yeah/
like yeah yeah yeah/

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