"Curl Up & Die" as written by and Matthew Arnold Thiessen....
I don't like the steps I took to get to look into your deepest feelings
And I don't like the place I'm in head space within the hardwood and the ceiling
Cause if I'm restless than why do I
I want nothing but to rest my soul
And I don't get this and I know why
You see sometimes things are just beyond control

But I don't mind but I'm not surprised to find that you do
I'm not surprised to find that you do
I know you do
And I feel fine
But I know the same does not apply to you
I know the same does not apply to you
So I guess that I'll curl up and die too.

Clinging to the remnants of perfection like most do after they break
It not knowing which directions the correct one do I discard or remake it
Cause if I don?t know than I don't know
But I may know someone who knows me more than I
And if I somehow could rest this soul
Maybe control could find its way back to my life

But I don't mind but I'm not surprised to find that you do
You see I know that I have done all this to you, to you
And I feel fine
But I know the same does not apply to you
Yeah, I know the same does not apply to you
So I guess that I'll curl up and die too.

Yeah, I'll curl up with you
Until I die with you
Yeah, I'll curl up with you
Until I die with you
Yeah, I'll curl up with you
Until I die with you
Yeah, I'll curl up with you, my baby, yeah, my darling
Until I die with you
Yeah, I'll curl up with you
Until I die with you alone

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"Curl Up and Die" as written by Matthew Thiessen

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    General CommentFor me, this song was talking about a relationship where they've gotten to that stage where everything's out in the open and raw, and they have to choose to stay with each other or not. In the beginning he seems to be talking about how he hurt or lied to her to find out everything about her, and she has some kind of past-demon that still hurts her now. He wants to help her, and give up everything to be with her ("Curl up and die") but she's not okay with that because she loves him and feels as if she doesn't deserve him and doesn't want him to give up his future for someone "damaged".

    He feels like he's trying to help, and he's already committed to the decision of giving up everything for her, but this just keeps hurting her more because she feels like she's ruining him because he can't/ won't give up or move on, and the remnants of perfection could be referring to the part of the relationship where everything was good and happy, and they didn't have the complicated pasts or commitments or futures to think of.
    xbree15xon March 20, 2010   Link
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    General Commenthere is something to think about: a couple years ago, my husband was engaged to this other woman. although he thought the relationship was going well, God definitely didn't. my husband said "And in those moments of passion, He broke my legs to stop me. To stop me from running off a cliff. I've been so blind, forgive me."
    Point is, there is definitely the possibility of God wanting Matt to be with someone else, cheating or no cheating; that engagement had to end there. God creates a setback so we can get ahead.
    and remember, there are two sides to the story. no black and white, bad guy good guy. there are many colors to the story, some that shannon couldn't handle.
    emo_straton October 25, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI don't get it... any help people? He likes a girl I think. The girl isn't happy but he is? Since he says he'll curl up and die too, I guess the girl isn't doing very well and wants to block out the world, and he is saying he's willing to go along with her? Let me know what you guys think, thanks.
    SwimAndy013on July 02, 2008   Link
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    General CommentYes, it's off the Nashville Tennis EP. I absolutely love this song, even though it's kinda confusing. I think sambo seems to have it right, it's just hard to explain without saying exactly what Matt T. says. The part that says "I don't like the steps I took to look into your deepest feelings" sounds to me like he didn't get to know her the way he wanted, whether he did something wrong or it just didn't go as planned. Then, it sounds like she...died? "why don't I curl up and die too." He wants to "rest his soul" (commit suicide) because he thinks that that's the only way he'll have control of his own life. I guess everyone goes through a phase where they wish they had some control over their life, but eventually realize that, ultimately, God's in control. Maybe it's wrong, but it makes sense for now.
    >>amdmb91on July 11, 2008   Link
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    General CommentIn my opinion it has to due with the life he lives. Being a rock star and travelling all the time makes it hard to have a girl friend. I believe Matt is saying that he doesn't mind being on the road and still having a girl... but his girl can't take having him gone so much. When he says "I don't mind, but I'm not surprised to find that you do", he's saying that he knew that they may run into this problem of him being on the road his whole life. And when he says "So I guess that I'll curl up and die too", he's expressing that he loves her and wants to make her happy.. even if it means dying.
    DrSpeedRoscoeon July 16, 2008   Link
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    General Commentfor the "I guess I'll curl up and die too" part, it might not be literal, it may mean that someone he cares about has given up, so he thinks he might as well too.

    It might also be a little sarcastic, kinda like, Well, if you've given up, why don't I?
    ...but I sorta doubt it.
    vazetteon July 28, 2008   Link
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    General CommentNo, maybe sarcasm has to do with it. Point is, this song is awesome. Haha. I like it. I love the way he sings to it too. The song is kind of depressing, but I don't know I love it.
    rose_amoron August 07, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI think this may be a unique break up song. He feels bad for getting so close to this girl only to discover that his heart is still restless and the fact that he can not control his feelings and find peace in their relationship.

    And so the chorus explains that he has come to terms with the fact that he has to ends things but he knows it will hurt her and that it isn't what she wants. The last line of the chorus captures his feelings of pain and sadness for having to end things and his desire to be there with her through her pain.

    The second verse relates the post-breakup confusion. Did he make the right choice? Should he "remake" the relationship with the girl or leave it "discarded" and move on? He goes on to say that he will simply trust God to bring clarity to his decision ("I know someone who knows me more than I").

    God, what a beautiful song.
    spivurnoon August 25, 2008   Link
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    General CommentMy feeling on this song is that Its a song about a guy singing about the love of his life and that he has been doing bad things to her but he never relized it. "I feel fine but I know the same does not apply to you" Shes getting hurt but the guy doesn't relize that. The chorus is stating his thoughts he felt before all of this happend and the first and second verse are now in the present knowing he has done bad

    "cause if I'm restless then why do I, I want nothing but to rest my soul
    And I don't get this and I know why; you see sometimes things are just beyond control" He's saying he couldn't control himself through all of it and that the events that happened to hurt her were not his heart but his mind just going with it and now he wants to control it or "rest his soul" which is found in the second verse "and if I somehow could rest this soul, maybe control can find it's way back to my life."

    Sorry for such a long post but Matty T wrote a great song here and it has a lot of meaning, and plus its one of the longest songs on the album
    chilltown22on August 27, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI agree 100% with spivurno.

    That's exactly what I think it means. But who knows...?
    JonnyCakeson September 01, 2008   Link

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