A freezing wind is crying high again,
This cold path is another ice mountain.
We try again to cross Satan's lair,
How could the Lost Academy be there ?

But we keep on searching for,
We follow this cold path or
We'll never get our answers.
Well of my hope has gone dry,
I wanna reach the shy
Gates of the Lost Academy.

Oh crazy land of despair
Only snow and ice everywhere.
It gets our senses mad,
Throwing my mind in a void.
Nature is torturing us,
Even Hell can't be worse.

Oh!What I see,in front of me,
Could it be the Academy!
We urge the doors step by step
Enter the Holy place's depths.

But a skeleton falls on Ahelksis.
A scream of pure terror on his lips
How sad,those ruins aren't the Lost Academy,
But the last dwelling of some poor dead bodies.

As we exit,the wind starts afresh to blow.
Celedrian sees some footprints in the snow.
We set on our feet and follow them,
To find some monsters eating in their den.
They flie at Celedrian's throat blowing him outside.
We get our weapons ! Death walking by our side!

By the light,by the blade,the fire and steel,
Our bloody rage is blinding us so we kill.
And those monsters in the face of our fury,
Lost their lives one by one in a bloody sea.
Celedrian has been lucky,
In fact his wound is slightly.

So now we've got a rest in that cave,
I feel a strike on my mind like a wave.
Then nothing! I take a look around.
Hell! My friends are lying on the ground.
My blood runs cold as I look outside,
Is it true or is it my mind ?
Damn,the time has stopped to slip away!
Tearful I fall on my knees and pray,
A sweet hand is caressing my hair.
I open my eyes it was a nightmare!
We'd better find this Academy,
Or we'll surely not live elderly....

We take again the road through the blizzard,
This time it's against storm that we fight hard.

Dagger of ice falling from the sky
Only cold,emptiness and despair.

But we see a light going through the dark,
That's the Academy,we hit the mark!

A giant is guarding the golden gate,
The stone statue seems seems wise and passionate.

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