Shrapnel girl, oh one-wing crow
Mocha wind the old spoon I'm glad nobody knows
The antique air show is ready to begin
And what's inside the big top without a final spin

Round and round the red moon glows
Sweep the skies for all to see
Don't forget to water the flowers for me
When you turn the corner
You steal the sun blind
Ruby on the ferris wheel let's leave them all behind
Shall we?

Are you ready for the white-out jamboree?
Please be sure the lights go out before everybody leaves
Its raining sex and murder cuz it's that time of day
That this bloody little carnival is finally here to stay

CHORUS + Round and round, so far around it'll take the top of your head off, and I won't be crying . . . .

The girls in the sky like to count to twenty-three
Cuz when the tide comes in we'll be taken out to sea
Science is a hula-hoop, tonight we're gonna fly
And scan the black horizon for the jewelry in their eyes

CHORUS + Round and round, in a semi-circle, clockwise, counter-clockwise, counterculture, I think I'll take my cadillac out and run over a pedestrian. I don't give a fuck even if he's into equestrians [?]. Ruby on the Ferris Wheel, let's leave 'em all behind, and bury 'em out back and no one'll ever find 'em. Kill 'em all!

Fetus on the backbone, a lotus in your ear
The holy land is east of east at least ten thousand years
You gotta pay the yin-yang, the fiddler isn't home
In fact he never was, now try to make it on your own, fuckhead.

CHORUS + It glows so brightly! It glows in your eyes! Like little baby marble . . . . . Why don't we kill you all now, bury you in the back....

If you've got a secret, you better promise not to tell, baby
Cuz Queenie in the tinder box will burn you all to hell
Jesus shaved his beard off, Mohammed dropped his drawers
And Krishna cracked a smile when Durga walked in through the door

CHORUS + I wanna take a buzzsaw to Buzz Aldrin and then chop off the head of John Glenn and stick it on the flag on the moon. Let's leave 'em all behind in a ditch, and then we'll take a lawnmower and drive over their children!

The merry-go-round lifted up into the air
As cremation ashes rained down on everybody's hair
The smell of burning flesh smoked like burgers on the grill
And no one cared to look to see which animals were killed, all human!

CHORUS + And I did not cry because I like to eat human flesh and all my friends are cannibals too! And if you don't like it, well just put in a complaint at the FDA.

See the little girl with rings around her eyes
If you knew her name than you she surely would despise
Just sit down and shutup! The circus is in town
Take your hat off as we feed you to a dozen hungry clowns

CHORUS + I love human flesh! Necrophilia's alright too for some people!

The catholics were lined up from here to de Molay
Stripped buck-naked, I encouraged them to pray
When God showed up, they got door number three
And then Shiva stepped right out to vaporize them on their knees

CHORUS + I hate 'em all! Every corporate executive hanging with their little weak flesh from a little oak tree right outside Washington, DC. Or maybe even Austin, San Antonio, Portland, Boise, Detroit, Cleveland . . . I know more about this country than you'll ever dream of, fuckface! And I'll rip your flesh off too.

The sky went hot, the earth grew cold
Reminds me of a story that my great grandchildren told
A diamond turns to dust when you sprinkle it with blood
But Ruby shoots into the sky when buried in the mud, oh yes....

Round and round, the red moon glows
Sow the seed for all to be
Don't regret what you shall inevitably be
When she turns the corner, she'll steal the sun blind
Ruby on the ferris wheel will leave you all behind
(I don't have any mercy on all those people who died from any kind of tribulation. Yeah, like I'm gonna worry about it . . . I want them dead . . . I want nothing to do with 'em at all! Kill 'em, burn 'em, fuck 'em, eat 'em . . . just EAT 'EM!)

The curtain has been raised like a skirt above the waist
I like to wake up in the morning with it draped around my face

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