The pale fox with the poker face
He fucked his mother and fell from grave
He performed the act with such great haste
And defied the order of the natural race

The foxes aim is to be free
From the formal conditions of reality
Though his family has no pedigree
Yet to them the restrictive frame of time is free

No longer are there days of old
Now all his actions seem to be foretold
To a higher order he appeals
And this is the way the future is revealed

Now it appears to be absurd
How the word called "time" is only important when it's heard
Maybe the concept should be banned
Because it is only understood by man

The fox finds truth in a shadowy realm
With an antithetical method that time won't tell
Freed from time and its restrictions
He sifts through lies and contradictions

He destroys the language; gives it a cleaning
And removes the association between words and meaning
He apprehends the truth, removes its disguise
And separates the symbol from the symbolized

Lift the curtain; lower the boom
I can't seem to find a word that rhymes with boom
Maybe it sounds unorthodox
But you might do well by thinking like a fox

Oh, meaning seems so deceiving
When you rely on advice from an analyst's call
First you fly now you're grasping not feeling
Then you sputter and float then you choke then you stumble and fall

A bird at night was singin' along
Singing' till the Balinesian dawn
He crooned and crooned with a feathery smirk
And now let's listen to what he liked to chirp

The old hunchback with Maureen O'Hara
Her raven trusses flowing in the air
Well she finally did just what she oughta
So he spoke right up and said "She gave me water"

Now I'm a guy who likes to rhyme
I sang "I knew a jew named Frankenstein"
But now I sing a different thing
Based on a song by Oscar Hammerstein

An outstretched hand with one last meal
Represents the way I feel
A picture of a plate unstained
Tells what words can't always fully explain

Raise the curtain, lower the boom
I can't seem to find a pair of pants that rhyme
Maybe it sounds unorthodox
But you might do well by thinking like a fox

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