"Ha,Ha,HAH....("And so the dead tongue
sang"-backwards masked)
"We rode to the great divide. Down
rock and rubble, we flew inside (throat
clearing rites)."
"Down rock and rubble we flew inside to
the depths of the crusty mantle;
to the crossroads of the verticle and the
horizontal. And spirits grew where weeds
had grown inside the moist and oily loam.
And at the spot our steed had steered,
the hell Baron Samedi appeared...
And rose from the muddy mire and mist,
he granted us one final wish...
Only if we as intruders of the middle
could give him an answer to his final
riddle. When we could illuminate these
infinite nights. Then he could administer
us our final rites "His riddle never has
an answer. It eats away at sense, like cancer.
It burns like acid thru the soul
And leaves a gaping breathless hole
In Charons boat we always row
For the mystery, you'll never know
And you'll never recieve my final
wish, for you'll always be sleeping
with the fishes....

With the vengeance of Jezebel- a
baby fell from the sky- it learned
her mothers curse 'Keep dagger,
spike and sword adorned for
Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned'...
'and use those weapons without hesitation,
for you, like me, are governed by
hereditaryies legislation.'
"My hot blood is a furious sap
you shared while inside my womb
unwrapped. It leaves a code stuck
in your head. It's words are sticky
hot and red. Its in your nerves;
its on your tongue. The same holds
true for everyone. It shouts a call;
it animates your elan vital.
"Its an originating birthday favor;
however it only accounts for part
of your behavior. Prior to birth this
gift was pre-composed to act as
latently pre-disposed of what the
present can never know for sure
A genetic trap you must endure
"And the foetus stuck in the pit of
my belly like ulcers on fire...A
lung from a cross made of twisted
barbed wire.
"Then they popped my eye from the
back of my head...And from the optic
nerve it bled. Pretty soon I could
see the back of my own head
"He crushed the communion wafers
and mixed them with his own feces,
and fed them to his wives-they
contracted his disease
"there is a devil; there is no doubt:
he's either crawling in your mouth;
or he's matter falling out
"there is a devil-there is no doubt,
he's either trying to get in or trying
to get out! He's either crawling thru
your lips, or he's crawling outta your piss...
"And taking the tea leaves, and
seperating them from the stems, I
steeped them in Holy Water and
beheld the cult of Siamese Twins.
"He cut off her breasts with a
needle and thread. And he pulled
them with incisions and gouges. With
her own blood he made her sign
a pact with the devil; and with
her breasts, he fashioned tobacco pouchs.
"The fine tobacco flowed from the
nipple like pus freely floating
from the head of a pimple
"The fog hung down in the low
gluey paste as I peered thru the
opening at the rip of loves place.
The steam burned off and it lifted and
fleed, for her cunt was filled with
ashes that could only be seen by me
"And dreams that invade like an
incoming shroud that could scream
like the lightening that scribbled the
low, dark clouds with faint little dreams.
"I beheld the Baron Samedi rise
from the grave on a crest with the
coat-of-arms of Saint Lazarus
tattooed on his breast.
"Making a new departure instead
of repeating old habits-he held up
the heart of Erzuli and with his
knife he did stab it. Like Cupid:
a baby with wings and a dart- he
aimed the bow and peirced her heart.
"Lets have a moment of silence
for the terminal mythomaniac.
"Lets bow our head for those who can't
afford therapy. For those quirks
of behavior that will never be 'healed'-
if depression is fate, then one's fate
will sadly be sealed.
"Lets put a smile on the fate of the
professional man-who'll accept a big
check from the man with the frown
whenever he can....
Upside down, the frown makes sense-
happiness has its own expense...
"And on and on, anonymous- the
victims silently obsess....
"Van Van oil-'the weeds of misfortune'-
'tying the Devils shoestring'-'the crowning
glory'-'Samsons delight'-'the elevation of
Lazarus'-'the Double-cross oil'-
'the Consecration of Damballa'...
"She had a face as sharp as an ax..."
*(transliterated from Bahasa Javanese):
'ting tanka ling manuk teen
turlin teen utsen. Plas cackal bapa
satar bulingen....
"Ning Ning Nang-Ning Ning Nang...
"Dalam Dalam sumping, dor badir jor
tu tung juck malanti yeh oh, yeh
oh yeh ombong"
"Scratchin' scratchin'! He
just started scratchin at the poison
(coughing, etc.) Scratchin' etc....
"Like a fast acting poison, he
just started scratchin etc...."
(Final gong tone)
The End

-C. Gocher
(New Orleans, L.A., Seattle,Wash.)

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