"Jekyll and Hyde" as written by and Shaun Adrian/lee Shankel....
You remind me of a cigarette
You burn up slowly and then go out like that
You make it harder for me to breathe
You make my head hurt you make my skin stink

So why don't you leave me alone
Or say you were wrong

'Cause I don't wanna hide
I need the tears inside to dry
I want more than just to try and love you
Jekyll and Hyde

Well it's not easy for me to be
Somebody different somebody else but me
But you're the actor the extraordinaire
You make it look like I am the crazy one here

I am willing to forgive
Are you willing to take ownership
Cause I am so willing to forgive
We're only given one chance to live

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"Jekyll & Hyde" as written by Shaun Adrian Shankel Shaun Shankel

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Jekyll and Hyde song meanings
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    General CommentNo comments on this magnificent song? thats almost a crime!!

    Personally I think this is about a dual personality, a skitzophrenic. One minute theyr Jekyll the next theyr Hyde and shes struggling to love this person even though hes hurting her and when she tries to get him to get some professional help he turns it around on her and makes it seem like shes the one with the problem. And she wants him to just leave her alone if hes not going to listen and get help, but in the end she DOES love him and shes willing to forgive all the hurtful things he does if hed only admit he has this problem.
    AerithSpectreon June 12, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI would comment on this WAY BEYOND amazing song...but I think AerithSpectre just about covered it
    xXLaceyHelpsSaveLivesXxon April 30, 2010   Link
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    General Comment"Jekyll and Hyde" means mean a person who changes from good to evil from one situation to the next, not necessarily that they actually have dual personality. So as she is trying to be with him he hurts her. When she brings it up he makes it look like she is the one whose crazy. In the song she says "So why don't you leave me alone or say you were wrong" because she "wants more than just to try and love him", she wants him to "take ownership" of his problems so she can forgive him.
    emjayukon November 23, 2011   Link
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    General CommentMy recent ex had a jekyll and hyde personality. One minute, he'd be sweet, caring, and nice; the next, he'd be condescending, and hurtful. I don't mean he was schizophrenic, I mean his attitude switched so much, I was constantly worrying about how he was going to act whenever I talked to him next
    nemesiskitty12on October 29, 2014   Link

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