(Chorus of oohhs)

He's an over-privledged boy
Who's careless with his words
His actions are the actions of a child
To know the right from the wrong
Growing up beside you I watched your every move
And everything you'd say I'd say to
You could do nothing wrong as far as I could see
Now you're closing the door and that's fine by me

Cause we've gotten older and things have grown colder
And I don't know why
So threatened by nothing
I know you think it's something more
That's all in your head

(Chorus of oohhs)

There are days I know I'm wrong
And then there's times I know that I am right
I really hope you figure out
You learn exactly when to choose your fights
You pick him up he'll kick you down again
You wanna see what's in my mind
Oh yeah

Cause we've gotten older and things have grown colder
And I don't know why
So threatened by nothing
I know you think it's something more
That's all in your head

(Chorus of oohhs)

It's hard on them to see you hurting
Can't you see that child
It's hard on me to see you sleeping through yourself
It's hard on us
Can't you see your missing out on this
That's all in your head

Your actions are your actions are
Your actions are your actions are
Your actions are your actions are

(Chorus of oohhs)

It's all in your head

Times he's nothing to me
But some tired joke I've heard
But I won't turn my face and look away
I still care about you but you're desperately lost
And you're hurting us all
You don't know the cost

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    General CommentSurprised more people haven't heard this song,
    or commented at least.
    This song is so good!
    To me it's a story about two friends who have known eachother their whole lives, but one of them goes through depression or something, and eventually leaves the other friend.
    I'm not sure, that's just my take.
    FrankieLoveon October 06, 2008   Link
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    General CommentLove it!
    Definitely about a relationship that has gone sour " we've gotten older, and this have grown colder"
    They've drifted apart, because of some misunderstanding " that's all in your head"
    ClaireLovesMGMTon December 02, 2008   Link
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    General CommentTo me, the song is about a family member who has let you down, and the song takes you through the cycle of emotions that occurs as you watch your family member go through a struggle that you can't control.

    Early verses...
    I think it particularly fits well with siblings.

    "Growing up beside you, I watched your every move/everything you'd say, I'd say too/you could do no wrong"
    When they were young, they were both very close, and the subject of the song was admired. He never did anything wrong then; he was just a normal child. But, now, things have changed. As they aged, their relationship became strained. Perhaps the other sibling is doing something self-destructive or separating himself from the family.

    I think this aligns well with the emotions you feel when your sibling lets you down. You think back to your childhood, and you wonder, "How/why/when did this happen? Everything was great then. Now it's all different. I don't get why."

    Later verses...
    In the later verse, "them" could be parents, as if to say, "Can't you see your misery is hurting them?" And "me," your brother/sister? Again, the feeling is still confusion, as if to say, "I KNOW you. Why would you do this?"

    Ending verses…
    The "your actions are your actions are" lines could represent the point when the family finally starts to let go.

    At some point, you learn to stop blaming yourself or questioning what went wrong and how you can make it better, and realize "This is THEIR life. They're doing this to themselves. There is NOTHING I can do right now."

    And, because this process is so painful, the last lines make perfect sense as well.
    "Sometimes, he's nothing to me"
    Eventually, you learn to cope with the pain caused by this family member by becoming emotionally separate from them in some way. You learn to not believe the lies, not to get excited by short-lived recoveries, etc. You lose faith in them. You lose hope that they'll all of a sudden see how they're hurting you & get better. You become bitter about the pain, and you just say, "You are nothing to me now."

    "But I won't turn my face and look away. I still care about you/so desperately lost…"
    BUT, you cannot stop loving and caring about them. And you still watch, but you've learned now to not be hopeful. You're done questioning, "Why?" You're done with your pleas. You're done with expecting better. You're done with going out of your way to help them and then be hurt again. You're resigned, and you just think, "I love you, but you're tearing us apart, and you just don't get it."

    Anyways, I think the song could represent the breakdown of any relationship, but it works particularly well with a family relationship. I also think it is a good companion song to "Don't Forget Sister." "Don't Forget Sister" seems to me to be a brother's recounting and response to his sister's attempts to help him. This song could be seen as the sister's perspective--the sister's pain in unsuccessfully reaching out to her brother/the pain in watching him fall apart.
    wbeson March 15, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI discovered this band when they opened for jack's mannequin last wednesday and was captivated.. they have a really nice sound and i particularly liked this song I agree with wbes take on it but i dont think that it's necessarily family.. it could be a friend you grew up with from childhood
    xobabikizilon April 26, 2009   Link
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    General Commentthis song is actually about the lead singers older brother and his relationship growing up with him"growing up beside you i watched your every move and everything you'd say id say too" i dont really know what happened to his brother, never the less its one of my favorie lvd song
    iluvincubus09on October 01, 2009   Link

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