there's a bar down on the corner
there's a church across the street
and on any given weekend, you'll see some traffic in between
i grew up in the church, but long ago i changed my mind
cause the preacher doesn't listen and the bartender don't lie
no, not to me
and that's what keeps me comin' back

they call this happy hour
that just means the drinks are cheap
and the waitress was makin' small talk
but i wasn't listening
with every drink i take i'm knockin' minutes off my life
i hope the brain cells that i'm killin' hold the memories of tonight
the night's early, and we got a long way to go now

our lips were stickin' together, you rolled your eyes, i struck a match
and the sparks were shootin' sideways but we were both too soaked to catch
i'm way too drunk to drive but not drunk enough to talk
so let's grab another round and find somewhere to be alone
alone again, or does it just feel that way?

you hardly say a word until you're done your third drink
so what the hell should i think?
what makes it even worse is that smile you clearly first
are doin' that for me
cuz i don't need your pity

closin' in on closing, the last call just went around
and the band was dancin' disco but i just felt like lyin' down
it's not a needle or a powder but you can still call them addicts
cause everyone in here's just dyin' to be felt or fucked or kissed
a kiss'll do, yeah a kiss'll do right now

you say you want the truth
but i can't give it to you
hurts me more than you
i need to soften my head
til you start to make sense
but i'm used to you
or did you see this coming?

i drove you home in the morning
i was half-drunk on the way to work
and i swear they could smell it on me
and i could smell you on my shirt
last night when you walked upstairs, in my state, i had to crawl
but i woke up with the laughs, still half surprised i woke up at all
no, this ain't much
but it's better than nothing.

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Johnnie Walker, Texas Ranger song meanings
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