"Bring Back Pluto" as written by and Ian Bavitz James Anthony Simon....
(Aesop Rock)
And then there were eight (then there were eight).
Just like that.
(Bring back Pluto, bring back, bring back Pluto).

You ain't shit. This ain't ill.
This is little Russian dolls that get smaller and smaller still.
This is a corpus full of pills, trying to sit still and build.
Cause eight planets bullied number nine until he fell.

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"Bring Back Pluto" as written by James Anthony Simon Ian Bavitz


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    General Commenti can't really figure out how to break the song down to explain my thinking but i can't help but Aes is talking about how those with some form of power bully out others in the first verse. in his 2nd, he's emphasizing, i think at least, those bullied are eventually getting back at those.

    i could be wrong. I love A.R.'s songs but he definitely gets me twisted at times haha
    teejieson July 28, 2009   Link
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    General CommentThis is a great song and one of my fav from the album, I've read the lyrics like 30 times and it all seems like gibberish to me. :/
    Balialon October 21, 2008   Link
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    General CommentLOVE this aesop song
    Onemosphereon March 16, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI want Pluto to be a planet again : (
    feveron December 01, 2010   Link
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    Song Meaning@teejies - It's definitely about bullying. Using the removal of Pluto as a metaphor for the establishment suppression and control of it's people, in astrology, Pluto represents change and evolution (among other things), both psychologically, and spiritually, through death and rebirth. True knowledge of these things are withheld from us, buy our "leaders" in order to keep us in the dark about what we truly are.

    Other aspects of that control are described, laced throughout the lines in the song.

    "Jet setting on spec, with a dead yeti on a roof rack."

    The rich flying around, living the good life, whilst holding the missing link, a metaphor for the explanation of the origin of our existence, dead (deleted) and unknown to us.

    "the malformed oddities among sovereigntyʼs normal, shall abuse every vice you can imagine right before you"

    The voice of officialdom decreeing (untruthfully) that the effects of divided sovereign society are normal, whilst taking advantages of all the issues, and divisions it causes in the people.

    "babylon goggles, gawk for the galvatron coppers"

    Like beer goggles, tainting the vision of those who want to see babylon rise again, looking forward in awe to a day when they can police us with robots (high technology in general), so we can't rise up anymore, and eliminate us when we're no longer needed.

    "iʼll be shepherd when the whirlybirds deny the lepers doctors"

    Maybe Aes saying he'll help lead the strays when the police state (helicopters) deny the sick care, probably implying plague.

    "terrible metal hacking seeds upʼs as American as ski up off a plastic d-cup."

    The terrible metal is Aluminum, which is being sprayed in the air via chem trails, and reportedly inhibiting natural seed growth. It's reference to be as American as cocaine off (a stripper's) fake tits, because it's Capitalism at it's finest, with Monsonto creating GMO seeds that resist aluminum, then spraying aluminum in the air to corner the market, and create scarcity.

    "all the town sickly know the coke machine as home, where they sit and hope the ovaltine that nobles drink is strong."

    All the malnourished in a manufactured Malthusian catastrophe, left with nothing to drink but high fructose corn syrup packed soda, hoping that if they ever do get to any of the good food from the elites, it's strong enough to restore their strength and health.

    It could just be my recent study of the world, and ontology biasing my perspective, but it lines up very well. There are other lines in there that I feel I understand the meanings of as well, but just my thoughts.
    AEnubison February 12, 2011   Link

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