there is a pain that comes
from holding on too long
a subtle knife that scrapes the veins

we both know i'm leaving
i'm already gone
even if i'm here today

the line that defines
the shape of our lives
slowly bleeds into gray

the line that divides
this world from my mind
can only lead me away

this ever present terror
of what each day will bring
that i won't find the strength
to live

alive enough to see
just how far away i am
from where i really need to be

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The Line That Divides song meanings
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    My InterpretationGreat song. This is one of the tunes that got me into doom metal. I'm not sure exactly what he's referring to, but the imagery of a dividing line is very powerful. There might be an issue of unrequited love here, as the bit about holding on too long suggests. Talking about an ever present terror of what each day may bring makes me think about a mental illness such as paranoid schizophrenia or a debilitating physical ailment, such as alcoholism. Alcoholism is a prime candidate because it's a common ailment among musicians and a common topic for lyrics....some musicians talk lightly about the fun of drinking whereas arguably more talk about overcoming alcohol addiction and such.

    "The line that divides this world from my mind...can only lead me away"--The narrator seems to suggest that he is detached from reality physically and/or mentally and that he is in a codependent state. Existing normally in the world could actually be more harmful than existing in his self-created hell because of his lack of coping skills.

    I don't know...I can imagine this song to have many interpretations, but I'm drawn to lyrics like these which relate a sense of anguish to the listener. I enjoy that sense of intimacy that an artist would be willing to open him or herself up so much to the listening audience. I think we can safely assume that all such lyrics are firmly grounded in the personal experiences of one or more band members. Of course it's possible that such pain-infested lyrics could be completely arbitrary, but that just seems highly unnatural to me.
    Ambivuouson April 28, 2011   Link

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