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I will not bend
I will not bow
I will not break
I'll stand my ground
Won't be afraid
To sing out loud
To sing out loud
To sing out loud

The visions of what's involved
The tensions you must resolve
Distractions will just dissolve
You are not like me

He's encountered a setback
He isn't down to let that
Keep him on the ground.
Press that button
Ignite the jetpack
Launch pad shrink disappear
Past the brink
The atmosphere's thinning and his plasma's tingly
Planes appear to be birds and
Birds appear to be bees and
He's hearing the words that
Occur to him for no reason
"What are you living your life for
what are you willing to die for
what do you believe to be the grain of truth you can provide for
This grand adventure?
Is it your plan to spend your
days batted about by
these random events?
Are you fueled by another engine
Lighting a fire beneath?
Have you breathed and seen your breath in the winds
and have you reached that point?"
Have you reached that point? [x7]

The visions of what's involved
The tensions you must resolve
Distractions will just dissolve
You are not like me

You only get to see this
Earth one time it's
Axis tilt's it
Changes climates
Plates shift weights and
Continents drift and
Draft twisted fates and
Monstrous frictions
Fragmentations stress and
Depression and confusion and
Bad relations use your
Imagination elude their
Whether the crowd gives boos or
Congratulations the blue's just
Something you move through toward the
Vast expanses of space on the
Universal infinite
Path to emancipation the
Gravity of the planet
Grips you but don't abandon
Ship you feel the pressures in
Side can you withstand it?

Have you reached that point? [x7]

The visions of what's involved
The tensions you must resolve
Distractions will just dissolve
You are not like me

The heights you'll reach the
Depths you'll delve to
Depends on the propulsion
System that propels you
Methods that compel you
Messages they sell you
Punishments they give you
For doing what they tell you
But we've got passion
They've got prisons
You've got the freedom to
Make a decision
Will you abandon
All your addictions
Take your stand and
Live your convictions
What've you got to lose what've
You been taught to chose
What're you so hot to prove with your
Beautiful socks and shoes
The costumes' frayed cloth covers
Skin like a shroud
Exhaust fumes fade off in the wind
Like a cloud

The visions of what's involved
The tensions you must resolve
Distractions will just dissolve
You are not like me

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    General CommentYou both basically called it spot my personal opinion this song evokes motivation for sure, but instead of focusing on individuality it kind of draws me to the opposite, in the sense that we are all connected and part of each only impression of anything you come up with is only my interpretation and that is all it can ever be.

    'is, is, is, the idiocy of the word haunts me, I never know what anything is, i only know how it seems to me at this moment'

    You cant be you without me. I am you.

    I know they say 'you are not like me' but i feel like its a jab to envoke thinking in you and helping us realize that we should stand up for ourselves, each other and against those who control the power as if its something one person owns. we must learn to live in harmony with our environment...that doesnt mean be a hippy,

    we can create anything, make it all manmade, but make it to help not to make money. make it for ourselves,

    To me, this song tells us that the brink is reached and the powers that be are no longer our deciders.

    What propels you?

    we've got passion, they've got prisons, you've got the freedom to make a decision, will you abandon all your addictions?

    take your stand,and live your convictions, what have you got to lose?

    this is saying that these 'politicians' no longer decide what we discover, what we create and who lives large and who is poor. this is our world, not 'their' world. lets propel us into the new age of instant invention and constant change.
    metalmancfhon July 15, 2011   Link
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    General Commenti think its sayin think for yourself, try to get your own ideas about things other than the news, your friends and other sources say about things, youll see things in a whole new light if you take everything else away and realize your not like anyone else, noones the same therefore almost every opinion is different because we as humans, have different brains therefore, different thoughts and ideas.
    sdmjabon June 19, 2008   Link
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    General CommentFirst impression: I think this song is a lot about motivation. What drives you? Do you even have something that drives you like that? Can you see past the hundreds of influential forces around you, and think and act for yourself? Even if you can do that, that's only the beginning. There's all the things you must delve into, the amount of depth you find around in the smallest things can be startling.

    This song reminds me a lot of myself. The lyrics sometimes makes the person sound crazy. The things I understand, try to understand, and strive to find just completely escape the people around me at times. That may be why I love this band so much. Learning from someone else that thinks the thoughts I have, I don't feel so alone in a seemingly lost cause.

    But even if that cause is lost, I know that I am not, and I will push forward regardless until I find others moving in the same direction as me.
    Naota391on September 18, 2009   Link

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