Ever revealing hope to our comfort fills the void within our hearts.
Father reveal our worth save us this is our last breath.

Unconditional love could it be she’s found it
Oh it feels so real don’t hold your breath
His hands move down her thigh taking seconds with every pass
Please please don’t ever leave me she feels the burning in every heart beat.

Dance through another night of fear I’m hopeless without you
Hold her close beneath your wings and keep her safe hold her forever.
I can’t forgive myself for the wound that I left you
Save us we’re begging you this is our last breath

Look into her eyes tears fall and hit the floor
Her sweat still on his chest a night fill with much regret
Blind to the reality of the lasting impression
Oh God I need you now Lord we surrender

God you are my shelter
Lord I want to burn with passtion
Father you are the prince of peace
God you are my shelter

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Yet Another fallen Eve song meanings
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    My OpinionThe lyrics for this song are phenomenal. They highlight the fact that every person has inalienable and incalculable dignity and worth. The mentioning of "worth" in the song suggests to me that the woman may be a prostitute, who is looked down upon by herself and others as simply an object to satisfy the lusts of others, and not as a precious child of God with the same dignity as every one else. Or, I also think of her as being a woman that abused the gift of her sexuality in an immoral way, without necessarily being a prostitute. Nevertheless, the woman sinned sexually, and not only her, of course, but also the man involved, although the song's focus is the woman, thus explaining the title.

    In the refrain, I believe that the first "you" is God and that the second "you" is most likely God as well, but it could also be the woman because the man that also sinned sexually (i.e., the speaker, who switches from third person in the verses to first person in the refrain) "wounded" the woman in a spiritual sense.

    This song attests to the fact that "the wages of sin is death," because although this woman tried to find happiness and belonging by following her physical desires, she ultimately hurt her self esteem and her soul because her actions were not in accordance with God will.

    Therefore, the key to everlasting happiness is to "focus on things above, on things that are unseen, rather than seen," as St. Paul also said, and to "put to death the desires of the flesh" by living a life in Christ's example. The song concludes beautifully with the speaker (or the woman) surrendering himself to God and resting in His boundless love and peace.

    In a fallen world that is blinded by sin and concupiscence, where most of the mainstream music, particularly that which is most popular, is immoral and averse to God's will and plan for humanity, there is a desperate need for true believers to stand up and live the way Jesus called us to live, a life filled with acts of love that brings people closer to God. St. Ignatius said that, "Man is created to praise, reverence, and serve God," and so if anything at all, especially the music we listen to music that profoundly shapes our minds and our characters (even unconsciously), does not live up to this standard, then it must be anathema. "Sin is a demon lurking at the door" according to Gen. 4:7, so avoid it at all costs, because if we try to face the lion of sin alone we will be devoured. This is the reason why War of Ages provides such an inspiration for me, because they allow God to work through their music in ways that only He could. WOA has not changed my life, but rather God has through them, and I praise Him for tProxy-Connection: keep-alive
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    t and thank WOA for allowing God to use the
    bb4christon August 07, 2010   Link

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