"The Tide and Its Takers" as written by Steven Holt, Brock Lindow and Thomas Noonan....
Open to May, when we were young and brave
Took steps to remove me, I'll come in and out with the tides
The lost and the love, I admire
You had every chance to close this, to take it all down and out of sight
Where there's nothing to find and there's nothing to hide

Your breath fills my skin, all the way in
In the event of an emergency, I'll ask for your saving again

Return to now, as we are opened wide
Underneath the haze of lights and scents of cigarettes and lies
So say your goodbyes and let it all die tonight
'Cause you have every chance to close this, and let it all in and out of sight, where there's nothing to hide, where faith buries strike

Your breath fills my skin, all the way in
In the event of an emergency, I'll ask for your saving again
I'd sleep in mountains of rain to never escape from the endless you
And we'll side step the masses and live life through the glasses of truth
And you'll never go away
Yeah, you'll never go away

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"The Tide and Its Takers" as written by Steven Holt Brock Lindow

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The Tide and Its Takers song meanings
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    General CommentAbsolutely amazing - just breathtaking.

    I think this is definitely a love song. But its written in a pretty cryptic and mysterious way - like "Where faith buries strike" doesn't make much sense. Which leads my second opinion being to believe he is becoming closer to terms with his religion. But that's just me.

    No doubt a beautiful love song. Definitely a step up for 36 Crazyfists - I didn't think they'd be able to produce an acoustic song like "Left Hand Charity", which has a similar meaning to "The Tide And Its Takers".

    When I say "love song", it's basically any kind of love. Whether its unrequited or undying or just simply asking for a second chance...there could be more to the story but songs are meant to mean what the listeners think - and thats what I think personally...
    Dan101on August 29, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI have been going through so many bands on this site and i've come to one realization.
    How many people Actually sit there and associate EVERY song with religion....do u honestly think that hard rock bands sit in their tour buses and homes at night thinking about what they can write about religion to get famous? give me a break.... 90% of the songs out there are about terrible relationships OR great relationships... Take a step back from ur Holier then thou train of thought... break out of ur own little box and look at the reality of things. no one is going to write songs about religion constantly. unless their a christian band. JESUS H CHRIST ppl. get a freaking clue.
    Voidyon April 04, 2009   Link
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    General CommentDan101, I agree that this song is about becoming closer to a religion of some sort, I'd go as far as saying that it's about being saved by God ('your breath fills my skin'). The last verse 'I'd sleep in mountains of rain to never escape from the endless you' is a pretty big hint.

    I'd also agree that it's an incredible song. A great ending to a great album.
    jc6mdon December 09, 2008   Link
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    General Commentone thing i think is weird is the fact that brock uses this whole "in case of emergency" thing, just like in the great descent. anyone think there might be a connection?
    kman93on July 30, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI just listened to this song again for the first time in a while. To me, it has something to do with him being in a relationship where he keeps making unforgivable mistakes. She keeps taking him back even though he doesn't deserve it. And this time, he is not asking for forgiveness because he knows he just keeps hurting her. The only time he will ever come around again is if he is in dire need. Of course, he is telling her that she has the power to forget him and move on; to let go of it all. At the end when he's saying "...you'll never go away" its as if he is saying, he is moving on for her sake but that doesn't mean he will forget her and what they once had.
    MyHysteriaon March 16, 2010   Link
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    General Commenti dont think 36 crazyfist would write a song about finding a religon since they write a lot of anti christian lyrics in a lot of there songs listen to the song deprivation they blast god and jesus in that whole song "no hope in my hand no cross behind me" so im pretty sure this is a love song thats what i always pictured it as
    jt18023on October 30, 2011   Link

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