Throw him overboard
And we will turn our heads for you
But were you thinking all this time of what you've put us through?
Our hands around your neck so tight
Opinions dark with blue
So I believed we must be right
He surely won't come through

Darling, we have finally won
All our problems now resolved
Dry your eyes, you'll find another love

Going back on our last said
Trying not to hold onto my head
The bricks are pulling down my legs
And arms cannot contend
The air betrays me overhead
My veins are filling up with sand
And as our dreams are finally read
We find we're closer to the edge

Darling, we will never win
To fall in love is such a sin
Their eyes forswore not to rise again

And I will never, I will never see this lonely place again
And I will never, I will never see your lovely face, she said
And I will never, I could never walk this empty way again
And I would never, I could never leave you all alone, she said to me, and then

She disappeared from me
She disappeared from me
She disappeared from me
She disappeared from me

Piece by piece, you deconstruct the puddled sky
Hour by hour, the moon attracts the empty tides
We just sit and stare into each other's eyes

We never thought, no we never, ever thought
We never thought that it would matter what we thought
We never thought, no we never, ever thought

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    General CommentSo yeah, these lyrics definitely aren't completely correct... I just had the majority of them. Some of them don't sound right, and don't really make sense... so if you can figure out what those are, I can edit them. I'll list the ones that sound off down below, if you want a place to start.

    Search this song on YouTube to listen to it, there's one pretty good audio version on there, even though the video is clips from a movie. Just don't watch the video. (LOL, sorry, gabygmty if that seemed like an insult to your video: it wasn't. Your video's great. I'm just saying, for a first time hearing the song, it's best not to be distracted. You know what I mean, lol.)

    So yeah, one of the not-so-bad Josiah songs. The majority are pretty good, it's just the occasional few out of the 16 I've heard are kinda not-so-good (*coughrazorbladesandhandgrenades&paperhousescough*). This one isn't so bad.

    Yeah, I didn't add the quotation marks around the 'And I will never...' parts because I'm not so sure where they go. She could be saying that whole part, or just a couple words of it. So for now I'm just going to leave it like that.


    PS- Questionable lyrics (in order in song):

    "Opinions dark..."

    "...enough the love"

    "And arms cannot consent" (grammatically)

    "My lungs..."

    "...this touch of sin"

    "Half by half moon attracts..."
    foundthevelvetsun7on June 02, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI fixed that "Half by half..." line and switched it to "Hour by hour the...", and that makes sense. I'm pretty sure it's right now, but there's still the other lines.
    foundthevelvetsun7on August 17, 2008   Link
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    General Comment"arms cannot consent" should be "arms cannot contend"
    "enough the love" -> "another love"
    "my lungs" -> "my veins"
    "this touch a sin" -> "is such a sin"

    Everything else seems to be good though. :>
    Ximenaon January 08, 2009   Link

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