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Hefir hon haft langan vanmátt,
ok pat var krom mikil;
fekk hon enga nótt svefn ok var
sem hamstoli vaeri.

Ristnar hafa verit rúnar, ok er sá einn bóndason
hedan skammt í brott, er pat gerdi,
ok er sidan miklu
verr en adr.

Egil reist rúnar ok lagdi undir hoegendit
Í hvíluna, par er hon hvildi;
henni potti sem hon vaknadi or svefni ok sagdi
at hon var pá heil.

Skalat madr rúnar rista,
nema rada vel kunni,
pat verdr mrgum manni,
es of myrkvan staaf villisk;
sák á telgdu talkni
tiu launstafi ristna,
pat hefr lauka lindi
langs ofrtrega fengit.

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Egil Saga song meanings
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    She has been ill for a long time,
    she has the exhaustion,
    cannot sleep any night and was
    as if she had lost reason and shape.”

    Runes have been scratched therefore, it is a farmer’s son,
    not far from here, he has done that,
    but afterwards it was
    much worse than before.

    Egil scratched runes and placed them under the cushion of the bed
    she rested on.
    It was to her as if she had awoken from sleep,
    and she said she was well now.

    No man shall scratch runes
    Not being able to use them well;
    Many a man is misled
    by dark forces.
    Ten secret runes have I seen
    Scratched on smoothed out fish bone;
    For the girl this has caused
    sorrow for a long time.

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    zeroZon July 26, 2013   Link
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    General CommentThe lyrics are in old norse
    zeroZon July 26, 2013   Link

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