"Killing The Dragon" as written by and Heron....
Silence, we hunt for the queen
Sign of the cross
And pray in-between

Look by the light of the day
She's hiding till dark
Waiting to play hey-hey

Something's taken a child
And it all must end
Time to be killing the dragon again

Silence, we'll hunt for the lord
He takes crimson and gold
Gave ice to the cold

Oh to be never afraid
Of wolves at the door
Howling for more

More's been empty for years
And it all must end
Time to be killing the dragon again

Kneel and behold your new king
Digital dreams
And wonderful things to tease you

Small gods with electrical hearts
And it all will end
Time to be killing the dragon

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"Killing the Dragon" as written by Ronnie James Dio Jimmy Bain


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    My OpinionGreat song!
    Metalratexon May 21, 2010   Link
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    General CommentThis one's a song about overcoming rulers who abuse and take more than they give, and seeing technology in the same light. Also, I think the line is "Moors' been empty for years"
    dgb49on December 13, 2010   Link
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    Link(s)From an interview with Ronnie on USA Today: usatoday.com/community/chat/…

    So what's the meaning of the title track of his newest release, Killing the Dragon? Dio explains that the song refers to “those who perpetrate injustices and what the world is doing to stop them. In fantasy tales, dragons were notorious for stealing children and feeding them to their babies. During the first part of the song, I sing ‘Someone has taken a child.’ The second part is about a cruel feudal lord. The third part is about ‘electronic serfdom.’" Dio believes that the computer has become a god in modern society. “It is a small god with an electrical heart,” he says. “It is time to rebel against it.”

    But farther down the page:

    I don't have anything against computers. I just got the idea that if we allow our humanity to be usurped by computer technology it could take our humanity away, which could become another dragon to kill.

    Personally, I think having a computer for a god will be a big improvement, and that human nature is the real dragon.
    seahenon October 31, 2011   Link
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    My InterpretationTo me, this song entails Humanity's natural tendency to seek out what we perceive to be "bad" - be it immoral, unethical, "evil", or even just something we don't understand - and destroy it, pass Laws against it, or simply ridicule it... it pacifies our sense of righteousness, and helps us deal with a world we feel we have no or little control over.

    "Killing the Dragon" is taking on a cause that we deem worthy, in order to benefit ourselves or others - for various reasons... ego, self-esteem, morals and values, Religion, personal beliefs, Political, superstition, fame, or profit... the list goes on - but it will always be a part of Human Nature to take on the "heroic" challenge of "Killing the Dragon."
    HeyMan6211on May 22, 2015   Link

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