(Song by Matt Embree's side project, Love You Moon)

Please oh please come home today.
If you dont go I cant say no and it will hurt twice more.
Baby, I cant stop for my own desire.
I wrench my heart with misery and everybody knows.

Please oh please come home to me.
I begged, I begged for these eyes to stop seeing.
Before the lonleyness you know its your embrace i miss.
Oh please think theyre sewing up the stiches.

Dig down deep with your fingertips. Felling for the perfect shape with the color codes that match for this.
The lock upon the bolt that shut the door there to that old man's heart.
Long forgotten the keys location so he can load his gun.

But the clouds are getting gray and it looks about to rain.
And shes shaking off the morning while im trying to convince her that the pain thats in my belly is because I cant maintain.
I just havn't felt like feeling for the past couple of days.

When she wakes up, peels the blankets, yells a problem to the baby son, I squint my eyes and smile when she opens up the closet door with the body buried beautiful, it contimplates the clout and waits to drink around the rain.

Got substitutes for stoking up the flame that keeps the pain outside.
The perfected perimiter, the place i like to hide.
But it burns, burns down till the fire is extinguished.
And im so cold when im alone in bed, when i wont stop quivering.

Please oh please come home to me.
I played, I played for this eyes to stop sinking in.
So all the sorrow with the chaser and it wins.
And listen to my promise even if i cant convince you.

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    General Commentlove this song! i know it's hard to make out the lyrics but i think some of the lines above should be:

    "oh please take the sewing off the stitches"

    "yells approval to the baby son"

    "with her body bare and beautiful and contemplates the clothing which to drape around her frame"

    "swallow the sorrow with a chaser and it wins" - about drowning his sorrows

    basically i think the song's about a casual thing he has going with a girl, seems like he's more into it than she is. he tries to act nonchalant but really he's falling for her despite his attempts not to, to avoid getting hurt. so he's trying to persuade her that it should be something more - 'and listen to my promise even if i can't convince you'
    rxbandit85on June 18, 2009   Link

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