"Think I'm Crazy" as written by Hakeem T. Seriki, Nsilo Kharonde Reddick, Nicholas W. Sherwood and Gert Yvonne M. Bettens....
I want to know who you are but you seem very nice
So will you talk to me?
Should I tell you a story? Should I tell you a treat?
They think I'm crazy, They don't understand how I feel

See, it started off as just a simple conversation I gave her
The name of my record company, (Oh your a sanger)
I said my name's Chamillionaire and I'm a rap entertainer
(Oh you that guy they talking bout when they be whisperin, ain't cha
Bring your name up when they talking and say money will change ya
I heard a lot about how you can't deal with your anger
Heard the rumors how your always in trouble or danger
Not gotta judge you if it's true, there's no need to explain sir
You do have a right to be, you seem like your nice to me
And like your gonna buy me another drink, yeah would you like a seat?)
I tell the boy the same hennessey on ice for me
Her drink starts emptying as she's pouring out her life to me
Telling me about her goals and how successful she would like to be
And invite me to a session of her life and she
Seems so damn innocent but something isn't right to me
She pulls out her picture phone "I got pictures, would you like to see?"
I'm thinking she gotta be friendly as hell
Giving a soul to me, it's like an identity sell
We never met is the story that my memory tells
Telling me tales like she doesn't handle hennessey well
Getting into it, getting intimate and into details
See, I just met you and you showing me your kids
"Who said I had any kids? I didn't bring up no kids"
Then who's in this picture, "Man, let you show you just who it is"


Umm, I don't remember her name but she look like an angel
She wasn't from here, I knew she didn't hang a
Round a part of the hood but hey the story gets stranger
Cause this stranger was stranger than I could explain you see
She said she wasn't married but the rings on her finger
Told me she was langin and using the same uhh
Game I use on women so I couldn't even blame her
Spitting the game I spit to 'em when I'm trying to bang her
(I bump into this dime, he told me that he used to know you
He told me about the loyalty and love he used to show you
He said what he said with a passion like it was so true
Wouldn't take advantage of the fact that the listeners didn't really know you)
There's pictures in my pocketbook, almost got it, I'll show you
She digs in her purse and while she fumbles around
I find that photo, I'm like "Oh no there's some trouble in town"
I turn around as these two officers is coming in now
They walk in real suspicious and come and sit down
So close, I can see they barrels of the guns to the ground
So close that they can listen to either of us now
We turn back around and she says no need for whispering
Then she tells me that (I don't really give a damn whose listening
Try to make it last a long time was my mission
And he kept on tripping and then I got pissed at him
Hit 'em with my fist and my punches were never missing him)


Okay, let's get this straight, your man cheated on you and now
You talking to a perfect stranger like it's making you proud
And the rest of this conversation she just telling me how
It wasn't her boyfriend in the pic but a familiar smile
She said (pictures can be deceiving like she knew he was foul
Look closer, you'll see a coward who uses a smile's power
Fleeing the smoke strength, couldn't stand it another hour
So she did what she did then she went to go take a shower)
Damn what do you mean? ( couldn't tell you that I missin him)
I don't understand what your saying, how did you get rid of him?
She dissing him, as I ask her what it is she did to him
She stops, Ay keep talkin I'm listening
(I don't wanna tell about the images I'm picturing)
Henny spilling then she tell me (For real and
I got the feeling of what I'm feeling is that I wanted to kill him)
Something's wrong here and I know just who is the villian
The poison's getting louder, the moral is getting clearer
The officers is looking at us and I can tell they can hear her
Told me (It was protection, Reached for it in the stash)
The plastic is what she grabbed and she put it right on his ass
Bust it before the blast, she thought she was free at least
Baby I think you crazy, Sorry I'm pressing for time
I gotta go grind, time's putting to resting
Now I'm sweating and stressing, this girl's got me guessing
That this conversation is two types of evil confession
And she pulls a clearer picture, It's my damn ex-best friend
How you know him? She told me she was with him at his house
Watching movies on Sundays when they be chilling
And that's exactly the day that the hospital came to get him
The feeling was the worst feeling that she could possibly be feeling
Stood up and then I yelled out "Why in the hell did you kill him?"
I didn't kill him, I have AIDS, he had sex with 'em and that's crazy

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"Think I'm Crazy" as written by Gert Bettens Sarah Bettens

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    General CommentThis song has a hidden meaning: it is actually a story of Chamillionaire's conflicts with Mike Jones and Paul Wall.

    The girl in the story is actually a metaphor for the record industry-- Cham talking to her is actually Cham talking to Universal Records, getting signed. The officers who come in represent Mike Jones, and how he was listening in on Cham's business then going around talking about him to everyone. When Cham says he gets pissed at the officer and starts throwing punches and the "punches were never missing", he is referring to how he made a ton of diss songs against Mike Jones and his punchline disses were never missing (his mixtape Mixtape Messiah 1 came out earlier that year-- three disc album and the first disc was dedicated to dissing Mike Jones).

    Cham's "ex-best friend" in the song is Cham's real ex-best friend, Paul Wall. The picture the girl shows of him with a wide smile is referring to the cover of Paul Wall's album The People's Champ, which is a picture of Paul Wall with a huge smile. The "coward who uses his smile as power" is Paul Wall. The metaphor for Paul Wall getting AIDS is Paul Wall getting signed to a label and infected with the disease of the major label recording industry-- because major labels pressure artists to make music in certain ways, Paul Wall starts making songs that suck.

    Source: mattda59's post here: chamillination.com/f4/meaning-think-im-crazy-602/
    Josh1billionon May 21, 2008   Link
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    General CommentOh wow I never thought of the song like that but it makes sense.
    grayarea9on September 01, 2008   Link

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