And we will never see the rise
But I fall behind
And I make mistakes
Now this will all come back on me tonight
Because I've been so bad
And I feel so low
And it keeps chewing through me

If I ever get
Through this alive
I'll still be drowned in slowly
Because I've been so dead
Skin and bone
But I make this harsh decision

I can't put it off forever

Watch yourself when you're walking the streets at night
You'd better be wise
It's full of all different types of people
And some would take your life

Just beware when you're walking the streets at night
I'd never deny
Their full of sick fucking freaks and weirdos
You should stay inside

Believe me please
Don't go out on your own
You'll get killed
You'd be lucky to walk away with your face intact tonight

Spin the cylinder of the gun
And hold it to my face
Hold it to my face

Death will not be denied
The one thing you can be sure of
No ones on your side when it comes to the end of your life

Wake up in the morning
With broken teeth and a fat lip
Well I'm sick and tired and my fists are aching

My heart stops beating (x3)
My lungs are leaking

Believe me please
I wont tell you again now
It's not safe to be outdoors tonight
Why'd you want to go anyway?

Don't you want to be safe with me?
Safe and warm from the beast beneath the streets
The beast beneath
Will kill you

Now every time
I turn around
I know he will be waiting
So I'm keeping low
And I can't be reached
Now he will never see me

Killing for sake
It never meant
Never meant nothing to me
But just for now
I'll take my time
I know there will be others

And you could be one of them fucker

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