i knew this would be hell, but this is not living
push them down and exhale water
push them down and exhale blood
you wanted this
and if we cant even trust ourselves how can we trust
anyone else
it's not safe to swim today, it's not safe
i don't think i can be saved
this shallow water is my grave

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It's Not Safe To Swim Today song meanings
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    General CommentI think it's about being alone in the world.

    "I knew this would be hell but this is not living"

    He knew that spending a life in solitary wouldn't be fun, "but this is not living" because theres no point if you have no friends to be by your.

    "push them down and exhale water
    push them down and exhale blood"

    The more you push them away the harder it gets for you to "breathe" (the harder life gets)

    "you wanted this"
    Pretty much speaks for itself

    "and if we cant even trust ourselves how can we trust
    anyone else"
    Also speaks for itself...he chose to live a life as a loner because he doesn't tust anyone, he hardly trusts himself.

    "it's not safe to swim today, it's not safe"
    'swim' being venture out into the world. he wants to go out, but he continues to remain alone, in fear that something bad will happen if he goes out.

    "i don't think i can be saved"
    Again like the last line - he never thinks he can stop being alone, although he wants to.

    "this shallow water is my grave"
    He has come to the conclusion he will forever live in the 'shallow water', being his home and his lonliness, where there is less chance of 'drowning'

    Another thought is perhaps it is someone who lives a life of hatred, and constantly he thinks of commiting suicide, his thoughts through the day as he plans to suicide, why he wants to, and his final decision. I think my first idea was right though. I kind of feel the first idea when I listen to the song too.

    DarkXXon December 02, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI believe it's more than just 'loneliness.' There's so much more in just the two lines "and if we can't even trust ourselves, how can we trust anyone else" than just loneliness; it's not safe to swim today- it's not safe to trust anybody-not even yourselves-and if you can't trust yourselves-how can you trust anyone else? Besides that part, it's kind of hard to explain, exhaling blood and such; I want to say it's a straight up doom-swoon.
    And what I mean by doom-swoon is that it swoon's the listener with the sweet guitar progression and the catchy sort of uplifting emphasis on the "if we can't even trust ourselves" stanza, while maintaining this underlying cynical, doom that is "i don't think i can be saved" and "exhaling blood." I think it evokes some really interesting sensations. Absolutely sick musical arrangement, some critics could claim some aspects to be simple, but as far as Veil of Maya is concerned, less is more, because anything is a giant bomb of greatness in your lap.
    salvatorevalestraon November 13, 2010   Link
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    General Commentthe local lake must have poisonous algae or something... or maybe his half hour after eating is up yet and he's freaking out
    allshallryanparishon June 15, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI think it's about commitment...and how he's afraid to make a commitment and the person he's afraid to commit to is the water...you know? like he pushes them away and exhales "water" then he can finally breather... and how can he trust anyone when he can't trust himself.... he doesn't think he can commit so he ends up alone? I don't know just a thought.
    ShakeItOffon October 31, 2008   Link
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    Song MeaningDarkXX is correct
    this song about loneliness

    you just gotta remember to breathe
    BornOfMayaon December 30, 2008   Link
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    My Interpretationat first listen i thought it was a sexual innuendo because of the title and the lines
    "push them down and exhale water
    push them down and exhale blood"
    - i dont know, just a thought
    P.S. dont trust what bleeds for 5 days and doesnt die
    DarkMatterCTon May 04, 2010   Link
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    My Interpretationsomeone that loves him is not happy with how he lives his life. possibly their is someone that suggests to him that he needs religion. . possibly. but he will not . he knows he cant be what it is he is wanted to be in the eyes of the loved one and mostly because he doesnt have faith in the people reprensenting the religion and or he is saying that if he would rather die than be part of something he doesnt trust. . its not that he cant be saved he just doesnt believe the process holds any true purpose. today anxway which might show he is agnostic and today he remains to be
    shev77on November 29, 2010   Link
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    General CommentThis song's about a croc attack. If you Google Image search the song name, you'll see the T-Shirt. These guys are from Australia. It makes sense to me.

    "push them down and exhale water
    push them down and exhale blood

    This is about the actual attack where the victim is dragged underwater, and their world is immersed in blood and water. It's pretty sick.
    Barnabison March 10, 2011   Link

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