Poor boy,
You played it cool with the rich boys
You messed around with their rich toys
You tried so hard to play it smooth

The page turned to the chapter with the best line
You thought the book was never-ending
You thought you'd get to drink their wine

Your sister came down from Watertown with the message:
''Your twisted head is getting messed with
I can see it in your eyes
Left out
You couldn't wait to be bought out
So you went ahead and sold out
With your twenty-dollar lies

And she said,
''Don't forget, sister
She'll always be true
We come from a good home
That won't forget you

Drowning in a city filled with blue blood
Can't you see your blood is thicker?
You don't need that fancy car

Locked up in the middle of a sick dream
So give up your fascination
And remember who you are
So don't forget, sister
She'll always be true
We come from a good home
That won't forget you

Burned out like a candle
Now I've gone out
Getting asked a lot of questions
But my answers are all wrong

I need you
Give tomorrow to be with you
Show me where I need to run to
But the truth is that you're gone

So don't forget, sister
She'll always be true
We come from a good home
That won't forget you

So I won't forget, sister
I'll always be true
'Cause we came from a good home
And I won't forget you

Sister, take me away with you
Sister, take me away with you
Sister, take me away with you
Sister, take me away with you

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Don't Forget, Sister song meanings
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    General Commentwhat a song. astounding melodies
    October_Childon May 27, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI don't understand why should say "don't forget sister" is she's talking to the poor boy. Can anyone explain?
    notingeoforangeon June 29, 2008   Link
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    General Commentshe is referring to herself when she says "sister," as if to say "don't forget me, your sister."

    great song. it actually tells a story. it reminds me of the prodigal son.
    mistermoldyon August 08, 2008   Link
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    My InterpretationI had a different take on the song…

    I think when the person is telling the story in the early verse, "you" is the person himself. He is the brother/the poor boy; the sister is his sister. For the first half of the song, he's telling his story in second-person. In the early verses, he's describing his life at that time. Perhaps he's getting in to some kind of trouble/is headed down a bad path/is losing himself, etc. He's ignoring his family.

    His sister comes to him worried/upset, says, "I know something's wrong with you, etc." & then reminds him that she loves and cares about him, etc.

    While he continues living the same life, he starts thinking about his family. He's listened/he's waking up. HE is drowning in a city filled with blue blood, and he is remembering his family and sister and they would say, "Can't you see your blood is thicker? Etc." Those two verses are like the family's plea to him: Leave this life. And he's starting to realize everything.

    In the "Burned out" verse, he's changing--he's realized "my answers are all wrong." He's ready to leave, he's himself again, he's ready for help, etc. It is in this verse that he stops referring to himself as "you" and everything becomes "I" again.

    Now that he's himself again or he's ready for help, he starts crying out to his family ("Show me where I need to run to").

    Perhaps the "but the truth is that you're gone" represents the fact that he is having difficulties still making the decision. He WANTS to leave, he WANTS to go back to the family, but he just doesn't know how to stop making bad decisions or it's too difficult. Or maybe his family is receiving him differently, or he knows their relationship will be different. But, he wants everything back.

    He reflects again on what his sister said to him: Don't forget me. And, in the next verse, he follows his sister's words. He says, "I won't forget you. I KNOW we came from a good home. I'll never forget you." It's like his apology to his sister. And he ends saying "Sister, take me away with you" as if to say, "Sister, come save me. Come save me from this mess I'm in."

    I read this as a good companion song to "Actions are Actions," which I think describes the family's perspective coping with the person in trouble (the boy in this song).

    wbeson March 15, 2009   Link

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