[Lyrics in parethesis are part of the written lyrics, but do not appear in the finished song]

I, wide asleep at 00:13 or so it seems
As my eyes roll back to inspect the optic nerves
The walls breathe with my exhalation
(Disgorging our insects to unravel your world)
My skin attempts to flee
A technological trail of vomit, blood and sperm
Snakes toward the rotten core
Maggots swaying to the rhythm of the universe

Tear my fingernails out from their tombs
Underversal architecture unfolding
The sky is pooling on the floor
A star or two screams abuse at my face
Reach down and pluck a thorn from my side
The placenta next to her upon the floor

(A naked thought, incandesant and burning
Primal like the sun, nuclear
Will power beaten into submission
Instinct rise in domination
The insects are gathering to watch intensively
Creator of maggots rises, writhing and spitting
Pulls me down and in
Burrow into rotten flesh, vomiting and twisted in ecstasy )

Teasing amplitudes of nothingness
Spun from the unreality chambers
I visualize deconstruction as the paramount of my fears
Who was this place?

Interjections of god, trapped in its own creation
(The unbeliever reels)
Intelligent equations decimate divinity
(Formulated infusions of horror)

(Peering in they are pleased
The torment of the individual
Their weapon of mass destruction is the creation of new paradigms
No one saw it coming save the sightless messiah)

(And who gave it credence?
Who stopped to pay attention to a warning of cataclysm)

(No one)

(And now the end is here and no more cards can be played)
You have no one to blame but yourselves for your weak hand

(No one.)

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Disturbance in the Perpetual Screen song meanings
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