"Into the Stream" as written by and Kristian Matsson....
When you mend the patches of my clothin'
You know every thread goes through my heart
Guessin' that the river's gonna dry up
Well, I said that's not the reason why we bard

Lookin' 'round the corner where I left you
Wonderin' whatever led me there
Knowin' that a quiet, unconscious feeling could be bought to drown a memory anywhere

She said, "I don't want your medicine and I don't need the sparrow in my art (heart?)"
When I'm covered by the thunder I get rid of all your breath deep in my lungs
Splayed in the wind apart

And when I touch the ceiling on a spring day
Wishin' it could heed up every crow
So that they could lift me by my shoulders
Take me from this frozen lake and let you know

Just that I want to be your medicine I want to feed the sparrow in your art
When I'm covered by the thunder I'll get rid of all the breath deep in our lungs
Splayed the wind apart

Hell I'm still standing 'round the corner where I left you
Diggin' up a quite sufficient track
Never know when you're behind that angle with a tranquilizer gun in your sweet pair(?)

Oh I want to be your medicine I want to feed the sparrow in your art
When we're covered by the thunder we'd become just one and feel the lightning shard
Splayed the wind apart

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"Into the Stream" as written by Kristian Matsson

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    General CommentRealy not sure how correct these are, so feel free to make corrections.
    tomStrangeloveon May 12, 2008   Link
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    General Comment@tomStrangelove

    I caught some goofs not big ones but some that are inconsistent.

    1) In the second block, line #5 :"and redirect this"...you don't really need the "this" in this line as it is already in the next one.

    2) In the fourth block, line #1: " Our dog dog will drink"...you have an extra "dog" should be just one.

    3) In the fifth block, line #1: "But we'l see"...should be "we'll" you are missing the last "l" in that word.

    4) In the sixth block, line#4: "when we killed her sound"...should be "when we killed the sound".

    All in all you did a great job just gotta fix those little goofs. :)
    SilverBackon October 04, 2008   Link
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    General Commentthe song seems to be about wanting to take risks to get away from 'this great old boring road'...
    SidedPanicon October 06, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI love this guy's lyrics. Vivid yet simple symbols. I think the whole song circles around surrendering to the soul of the nature and animal within all we human beings. For it is far more real and romantic and beatuiful than the electric metal illusions of what life and living has become.

    The coldhardrain, the brightsharpsun, the thunderstrike... Nature shakes us from the dream that is what our hands and minds have created. The nature is greater than all we can make, but it is not greater than we ourselves. It is equal. We are part of the Nature. The Nature is part of we. Sometimes we forget this.

    Let's (?)come all(?) steal! We will lie and cheat and turn around all their limit signs! Redirect this great old boring road into the depths of a lion's mouth... Just to see if there's something we believe. This is my favorite part. It's rebellion and youthful pride. Our sins are what make us human. Our mistakes separate us from Godmachines. The world is truly rolling down a great old boring road. And humans are pushing it along. Rules and limits and percentages and functions and other illusory crap. It's black and white ideas. A lion's mouth is Red, Orange, and Yell!ow, (Scar)let and dust, the infinite glory and power and fear and beauty. And Rage. And Love if you want to swing it. And we'll reach out and touch that, just to see if there's something really there. Just something. It might disappear as soon as your fingers taste the colors, but as long as you're able to touch something, even if only for a second, you should. Shouldn't you? Well, at least you should sometimes.

    The dog in every human will drink till the oceans dry. Till the liquid is gone. And when that's gone, where's some more? Our thirst shall never never be ultimately quenched. Life can never be ultimately satified, except by death. And the dog in every human will pull and fight and wrench and yank untill that which binds him/her is broken and shredded. Freedom is an illusion/ideal that we will break and snap and run and gnash to acquire.

    I hear the last part of this verse as

    And everyone that he will run down
    will see his limbs as they grow
    and people will see if there's something
    they believe.

    Freedom to run like wild dogs will make our limbs grow! And how nice it is to grow.

    This last verse is a little confusing to me. Let us let the weathergirl die. The poor dear. When we killed the sound and when the screen is dark and charged... This makes me think of a TV being turned off. and then this limousine parked outside ready to be thrown in the stream. Strange and beautiful. I'm not totally sure, but I could see the limousine as a symbol of fame and wealth and human capital or something, being driven off a bridge to eternally rest at the bottom of the blibbering stream. but that's just me spitballing.

    Anyway, such a great song. I didn't expect to write all this ha.

    Unplug the Machines!
    Save Infinity!
    Julietsonon October 10, 2009   Link
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    General Commenttaking risks, living life to the fullest, to find joy and actually have something to live for
    natureisthewaytogoon June 26, 2010   Link
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    General Comment'Lets say goodbye
    to the weather girl
    just let her die'

    'When we kill the sound
    and when the screen
    is all dark and charged'
    'The limousine
    will be parked outside
    in the street
    For us to throw into the stream'

    Think about that for a bit
    thearodgerson November 21, 2010   Link
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    General CommentLimbs should be wings, the wild dog finally breaks free from the restraints of modern day society and runs out toward nature. Finally able to fly!
    MelleB90on September 23, 2011   Link
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    General CommentWhy has no one mentioned that the Sparrow and the Medicine lyrics are posted for "Into the Stream"?
    digiration January 30, 2012   Link
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    General CommentHe's talking about God in the first verse. (...with a thunder strike from my hand...)
    He says "to wake you up from your hollow dream" like giving people a reality check; living isn't a simple thing to do.

    Then he talks about human nature:
    Lets come all steal
    we will lie and cheat
    and turn around
    all their limit signs
    and redirect
    this great old boring road
    into the depths
    of a lions mouth

    We're greedy. We want more than simple things. We develop ways to live more easily, but doing that is harmful to us. We're going to damage ourselves, but it's the nature we were born with.

    Then he says "Just to see if there's something we believe"
    People say that life is a test to see if we are loyal to some higher idea.

    Our dog will drink
    Till the oceans gone
    And he will pull
    Till the collar breaks
    And everyone
    That he will run down
    Will see his limbs
    as they grow and bleed

    We'll create a monster of ourselves. We'll need all these resources to live and the things we've created will need all these resources to live. Eventually, what we have won't be enough and the damage we've done will be the end of us.

    "Just to see if there's something we believe..."
    It's just a "Why are we here?" song. Or maybe "Your idea of why we're here sucks."
    He was just talking about what people are doing here...maybe it's more like, "Is this really the only reason? So we can kill ourselves off and somehow be tested for our faith?"

    Aaaaannnnddd....the last verse is probably the most important one, but I haven't really figured it out.

    He talks about religion in this sort of light a lot, like in "Love Is All" and "Walk The Line".
    SMUSER17419002on August 31, 2010   Link
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    General CommentFrom the very begining, I thought of this song like nothing but a dream due the surreal context of the lyrics. And I always thought the title was an anagram, like he's saying "for us to throw into this dream" say that a little faster and you'll get "into the stream". But naaw, I think it's quite easier than that. The first verse is aboout being born, the second one about becoming who you are, and the last one about dying and "move on". The stream of life really.
    However, we all love Kristian. For very good reasons.
    Concretshkyon April 25, 2011   Link

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