"Shiver" as written by Sara Taylor, Matthew O'halloran and Michael Rainbow....
A Painting for every face
No correction, just cover up
She can't afford to come off
Hot cause she's too cold to shiver
Too cold to shiver
Too cold to shiver in this cold
She's too cold to shiver

All the hands along the wall
Taking time to break her fall
Lines divide the heart in two
Empty as the shadows walking over you
Over you
She's walking over you
Breaking the fall over you

(Always want to)
(Watch her) Minds divide the heart in two (Find You)

(Only want to)
(Make her) Shadow walking over you (Want you)

Pictures for every place
No affection, just shut her up
She can't afford to make it
Hot cause she's too cold to shiver
Too cold to shiver
Too cold to shiver in this cold
She's too cold to shiver

All the eyes behind the wall
Taking time to watch her crawl
Broken hearts are never true
Empty as the shadows walking over you
Over you
She`s walking over you
Watching her crawl over you

(Always want to)
(Watch her) Broken hearts are never true (Find You)

(Hallway walk through)
(Make her) Shadow walking over you (Blind You)

(Always Want to)
(Watch her) Broken hearts are never true (Find you)

(Hallway walk through)
(Make her) Shadow walking over you (Find You)

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"Shiver" as written by Joshua Allen Cain Justin Courtney Pierre

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    Song Meaningi don't know why, but this song reminds me of a murder.

    'A painting for every face
    no correction, just cover up'

    saying hes covering up a murder and puting on a different face

    'Shes to cold to shiver'

    maybe shes been dead and her bodys gone cold, but because shes dead she can't shiver

    'Minds divide the heart in two'

    Maybe hes got a split personality thing goin on, and one side wanted her dead

    'Empty as the shadows walking over you'

    His other personalitys shadow, basically walking all over the real him o wateva

    'No affection, just shut her up'

    Shut her up 4 good

    'All the eyes behind the wall
    Taking time to watch her crawl'

    Maybe he beat her or something an she wasn't dead yet, and its his eyes behind the wall, watching her claw to try 2 escape

    i mean, i don't know thats just my vibe

    PrettyDeadon July 21, 2009   Link
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    General CommentThis is my favorite TBM song.

    I think this song is about a girl who was dumped by someone, and now she is trying to get over the hurt by dating another guy who she doesn't truly like.
    tinypirate713on August 14, 2008   Link
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    General CommentOh man, this song sent shivers all over me. I heard this song the night the guy that claims to have liked me for 7 months decided we should just be friends (without telling me. I had to ask to be told that).

    I was feeling cold and angry and it was just so befitting.

    Tinypirate, although their songs are normally more focused around societies flaws, I think you might be right. She is hurting but numb at the same time. What do you do when you have been traumatized enough to not do anything about it: Turn cold.
    keykeyx10000on September 22, 2008   Link
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    General Commenti think this song is about a girl who still likes a guy, but he doesn't like her back anymore, so she has to repress her feelings for him. hence, "she can't afford to come off hot [in love] because she's too cold to shiver [repressing all she feels]".

    the walls that watch her and break her fall are her peers.

    the shadows refer to other people like the girl who had to repress their feelings, because she's empty of emotions and in the song they are described as "empty" like broken hearts.

    the painted faces refer to the facade everyone, even the girl puts on, to hide their true emotions. and "broken hearts are never true" refers again to hiding the pain of breaking up with a loved one.

    i'm not positive on who the "you" in this song might be. i thought possibly the person the girl liked, but then why would all the shadows be crawling over them? unless all the shadows liked the same person?
    thelivingfreakon December 13, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI really love this song because I create a different meaning in my head everytime I hear it.
    but, so far, I think the most correct one is about the end of a relationship that meant alot to "her" (protagonist, for sake of the song's lyrics) and deals with how the ending impacts her.

    After the break up, she feels the "cold" that she has perhaps put off feeling while she was in the relationship. Anyone who has experienced a real break up knows that after it's over you see things in a different way.

    Maybe people she thought she knew well and she trusted are now being revealed as enemies. ("painting"s for "every face")
    They could also be "the eyes behind the wall" that are "taking time to watch her crawl" as she struggles to pick herself up from the break up.

    "minds divide the heart in two empty as the shadows walking over you" deals with how the break up has broken her heart, and how the shadows, or negative feelings of the relationship, come over her. Walking over her.

    "broken hearts are never true" deals with how she knew that this feeling was going to come, and that it should've been expected...that it's just a cycle.

    and, finally, "Always wanting, waiting for you" are the negative feelings and aspects to the relationship that are always in the background but, once the break up happens, are surfaced.

    The rest of the lyrics I didn't mention or explain, you can probably link together on your own. Have funnn=]
    AlecsPenon January 14, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI see it as someone giving advice to a heartbroken friend, saying that she wasn't worth it.

    He was madly in love with her, but she just took advantage of him and used him. "Too Cold to Shiver" means she is so cold hearted she doesn't see the pain she causes him, and there for isn't worth it.
    imagicaaaon December 19, 2009   Link
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    General CommentWhen I first heard this I thought it was about murder but I think it could be about a relationship as well. Also, its "come off hot" not hard. So, for the murder one I took it quite literally. The first two lines are saying that she'll never make things right once she's killed someone so she'll just cover it up. For the "too cold to shiver" line I imagine the girl running into the snowy woods to hide and eventually becoming too cold to shiver while thinking about the cold body of the girl she killed. Most of the 2nd verse is saying that see thinks people were looking out for her but she wasn't sure if they meant it. The last two lines mean that all the attention the dead girl is getting is taking away some of her fear."pictures for every place no affection just shut her up" means that everything looks hoe it should but it is not the same and now this girl can't show mercy."she can't afford to make it hot" would be that before she couldn't afford to show emotion and now, hiding outside, she can't waste heat even by moving because she's too cold."All the eyes behind the wall taking time towatch her crawl" were all the people who were watching how upset she seemed after the body was discovered."broken hearts are never true empty as the shadows walking over you" I think would mean she did the crime out of revenge, because she trusted someone else who's heart had also been broken but that person betrayed her. It feels like people are walking over her. Last two lines are that she metaphorically let someone walk over her. The background voices could be that she feels like the dead girl or the people she ran away from are still waiting for her. I imagine her dying, haunted, of hypothermia that night in a forest.
    But that's just me. I think it could just as easily be thelivingfreak and AlecsPen's interpretations but those have already been typed. But this is what I imagined when I first heard it.
    maneatingmangoon November 02, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI think she's dead cause she dead murdered by her boyfriend! This song creeps me out just like The Birthday Massacre and real life! BUT, I can't stop lisatening to it or them cause I'm a total masochist like all us public school pawns!
    Stude4arton December 20, 2015   Link
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    General CommentIt' about how an OCPD bitch like my ex had to have SUPER CONTROL over everything and too cold for feelings!
    Stude4arton July 20, 2018   Link

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