Couldn't you wait
For some time to elapse
Check it before the trap was set
And it collapsed like a
Big net grass green rug screen wait
Did you test the water with a big toe dip
Don't put all your trust in that triple-timing bitch
Could you elaborate
On how you tempt fate
Couldn't you wait

Couldn't you wait
To go on your foggy trips
You were in the corner doing back flips
I saw sweat on the wheelchair grips slip
Couldn't you wait
You never cooked up your medicine then
Said the aspirin made your thick blood thin
Every dinner was a capricorn a crown of thorns
Couldn't you wait

Yeah couldn't you wait
You were funny to a fault
Went too heavy on the salt
Can you stand up straight
While I illuminate a few of your flaws
I thought you said you would never get your teeth capped
How would you like to get your face slapped
Did it hurt to take the time to make the new girl happy as a clam
In a pair of tight 501s
Is your fresh-faced neighbor any fun at all
Do you still go off
Like a gun that's gotten stuck on stun
That's permanently stalled

Do you still think you're god
Is your first day on the job even over yet
Is the summertime in heaven grand
Is it fifty-nine past the eleven hand
Oh couldn't you wait
For the midnight train at least
All these seagulls are insane beasts
The taste of trouble's in my mouth
It's like a candy cane
Couldn't you wait
Until the thought had passed
That our love would never last
How could you devastate
Someone you claim not to hate
And couldn't you have waited
Couldn't you have waited
Couldn't you have waited
Couldn't you wait

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    General CommentGay guy's boyfriend leaves him for a straight woman, right?

    First off, there are the allusions to love (obvious) and sex ("Do you still go off/like a gun that's gotten stuck on stun") involving the (male) singer and the (presumably male) object of the song.

    Then there are the allusions to sex between the object of the song and another woman...

    "Did it hurt to take the time to make the new girl happy as a clam/In a pair of tight 501s" (clam = slang for female genitalia, of course)

    ...and the statements expressing suspicion/dislike of women/heterosexuals...

    "Don't put all your trust in that triple-timing bitch"
    "These straight girls are insane beasts"

    Epic song, whatever the case.
    C. V. Catulluson May 30, 2009   Link
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    General CommentFucking awesome tune... heartbreaking.

    Seagulls is straight girls, though.
    fishquawkon March 24, 2009   Link
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    Song Meaningits actually just made up... it means nothing at all.. he was walking down the street one day on his way to the shop when the bass line came into his head and the lyrics just followed. Its just a bunch of gibberish actually. I too had thought of a couple fighting fighting etc... GREAT FUCKING SONG ALL THE FUCKING SAME THOUGH!!
    sean216042on April 09, 2016   Link
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    Song… 1:50 he starts talking about it
    sean216042on April 09, 2016   Link

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