"Dust" as written by Michael Francis Flynn and Daniel Layus....
So go on and tear it up
Black and cold with the dust
Cause I believed in the lord
And he don't show up anymore

If you can't trust the wind who can you trust?
If you cant love sin who can you love?
If I begin will you let me finish up?
If I fell down would you pick me up?
If I don't drink from a silver cup, like you
Would you say, "so long, farewell, good luck"


If a man can't lie how can he speak?
If the sun don't rise would the moon be out of reach
If I came home would you get down on your knees?



Cause I believed in the lord
Cause I believed in the lord
Cause I believed in the lord
But he don't show up
He don't show up anymore
No, not anymore
Not anymore

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"Dust" as written by Dan Layus Mike Flynn

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    General Commentpeople who live& think outside the box, commit sin, every day. the world is a very big place, and it's full of mistakes. i think it's about that.

    everyone you will encounter in life is basically flawed.
    "If you can't love sin, who can you love?"

    if you try to be perfect and angelic and what not.. you're holding yourself back.
    frannyb3anon October 09, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI feel like the H is He shouldn't be capitalized because well, he doesn't believe in him anymore. You know?
    matthewconteon February 25, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI think this song is about losing one's religion and finding out that there is no god hence the:

    "'cause I believed in the Lord,
    but He don't show up anymore..."


    "So go on tear it up
    Black and cold with the dust"

    probably refers to the bible.

    He goes on to say that, if you reject everything "sinful" (according to religion), you reject that which makes us human.

    So ultimately, I think it's about accepting people with all their flaws and quirks :) instead of casting them aside beacause you are dictated so by a certain system.
    chrollion July 23, 2009   Link
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    General Commentfirst of all, the capitalized "He" refers to a pronoun, so even if dan doesn't believe in it anymore, it's still capitalized. you wouldn't not capitalize Santa just because he doesn't exist (unless you're lazy like me and don't tend to capitalize things, or unless you're going out of your way to make a point, like using "it" as God's pronoun).

    anyway, i think the song is less about losing one's religion than losing a girlfriend because of religious differences. as in, she believes in god, finds out dan isn't that religious, and then leaves him. when he throws in the "i believed in the lord / but he don't show up anymore," it's just to sort of say, hey, i did believe once, but now i just realize there's not much reason to.

    in the lines:

    "If I fell down would you pick me up?
    If I don't drink from a silver cup, like you
    Would you say "so long, farewell, good luck" "

    ... it sounds like he's just very bitter about this girl because she acts all high and mighty due to her religion. the sort of pompous, smug arrogance one finds in the religious. because at the end of the day, to be religious necessitates arrogance. there's no rational reason to assume we human beings have an afterlife, or a god that looks after us like a father, or a figure who grants us wishes; this all stems from a basic biological and psychological desire to continue existence and to feel important and needed.

    this is not to say, however, that the song implies atheism. he could simply have lost his religion. people far too often draw a false dichotomy: you're either religious, or you're atheist. and that's not true. aside from the obvious example of agnosticism, there are also shades of believers. after all, one need not be religious to believe in "god" or "souls" or "the afterlife." he makes pretty clear in this song that he doesn't believe in the "Lord," but that could merely imply that he no longer believes in the abrahamic god; or, if you infer that he has lost all faith in god entirely, it still in no way implies he has no spiritual side. i just wanted to make this distinction, before people started getting all defensive of their stupid belief systems.
    tinto1123on April 19, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI love the music to the song, it's absolutely beautiful, but renouncing the name of Christ is my problem. I adore the band, but the lyrics to this song bother me a bit. Everyone has their own interpretation and no one knows exactly what the songwriter was thinking, but personally, the lyrics bothered me. Anyone else?
    Jordanzadanggiton December 19, 2010   Link
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    My InterpretationWell, we can't know what author meant, but don't knowing the thought with which song is made gives us the ability to interpret the song the way we think. Your thoughts evolve and make (in your opinion)logical sense). Creates an ilussion you are able to understand something. That's the cool thing about the music.
    In my opinion, song is about commiting a crime or doing something which is forbidden or not welcome in the society. And the ability of other person to deal with that.
    If you can't trust the wind,
    who can you trust?

    Wind is like something spontanous, fast, if you can't trust yourself, your 6th sense, your intuition, your wills ,instincts ,who can you trust?

    If you can't love sin,
    who can you love?

    Everything's clear here, humans tend to achieve forbidden goals. Forbidden fruit...

    If I begin will you let me finish up?

    If I fell down would you pick me up?
    If I don't drink from a silver cup, like you
    Would you say "so long, farewell, good luck"?

    If I do something,will you assist me or leave me, If I turn the wrong way, will you help me? Can you deal with my imperfections...

    If a man can't lie,
    How can he speak?

    Same, it's natural for us to do some wrong stuff.

    If the sun don't rise,
    would the moon be out of reach?

    Black and white sides. Can you feel happiness if you never felt sadness. If there is no good,would there be evil.

    So go on tear it up
    Black and cold with the dust
    'cause I believed in the Lord,
    but He don't show up anymore

    There are plenty of rules and laws in many religions. (10 commandments f.e.) I believed living to these, not doing anything wrong, but now it doesn't make sense.
    n3v3rm1ndon February 22, 2011   Link
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    General Comment...i actually hate this song.
    2shy2dance111on May 09, 2008   Link

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