"Bulldozers and Dirt" as written by and Matt Lane Rob Malone....
I met your mama when I was sixteen
You couldn't have been anymore than three
She caught me stealing y'all's color TV
She called the cops and they arrested me

She was the wildest thing I'd ever seen
The way she pointed that shotgun at me
The police hauled my ass off to jail
Your mama signed the trailer to help make the bail

She picked me up and drove me home
Said I'll learn you not to roam?
Green green grass under my feet
But all I can think about's the dirt underneath

Bulldozers and dirt Bulldozers and dirt
Behind the trailer, my desert
Them red clay piles are heaven on earth
I get my rocks off, bulldozers and dirt

I got a pickup that's up on blocks
And I'm up to my ass in debt and hock
And I can't get the red stains off of my socks
And I can't get you off of my mind

I've lived with your mama for eleven years
Through good times, and bad times, fist fights and tears
But something comes over me when you come near
So won't you come over and sip on this beer

Bulldozers and dirt bulldozers and dirt
Behind the trailer, my desert
I don't mean no harm, I just like to flirt
But most of all I like bulldozers and dirt

Most of all I like bulldozers and dirt

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"Bulldozers and Dirt" as written by Patterson Hood


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    General CommentInstead of assuming the most ugly, vulgar, ignorant yankee opinion of a southern song that you can possibly muster..... Maybe....

    My foolish opinion is as follows: Many of Drive By Truckers songs show a relation to alcoholism, stay with me here. So I think the song is the basis of a dysfunctional man who dated a woman who with he was originally caught stealing her TV who now years later has simply reached the age of which he values reminiscing the past with the step daughter that he helped to raise. But now he is separated from her mother he longs for his makeshift family. Also if you you are unaware the thought of the beauty to be found in dirt, albeit in this case maybe it is being admired by a simpleton, (continuing sentence) then you need to move your city-idiot ass out of the city. Or better yet stay there. But he is placing value in the simplicity of dirt because he is simple, just like dirt. Also he can't get those damned red stains out his socks, because his life lacks structure. I could elaborate all day but hopefully everyone's mind is out of the gutter by now, because from the first time I heard this song all I thought of was reconnecting with my past and how it's really easier to consider that pushing dirt around with bulldozers is like building big sandcastles and that is a good alternative to drowning in your memories while losing mind because it is simple and thoughtless.
    spokenthoughtson November 27, 2017   Link
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    General CommentA 31 year old man reminiscing a life of destruction makes a final run at his youth and hits on his ex girlfriend's 13 year old daughter.
    Tedvion February 26, 2009   Link
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    General CommentAnyone have any thoughts on the "can't get the red stains off of my socks line"? The obvious thought is the red clay referenced earlier in the song has stained his socks but I feel that there is more to it than that. Also "behind the trailer my dessert"... is that the red clay or the 14 yr old girl?
    bjohns7778on August 14, 2015   Link

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