Now that you know...
You never said a word with tangled hands dry, and I see through rose-colored eyes. Tell me I’m the only chance
constantly hanging from the sky.

Pursuing design both far and wide.
Now that you know there’s time, rethink everything heard by the careless choir.

The way we see these things... it’s how we dream about reality. problematic to believe, let alone perceive.
With doubt your mind reads through internally, while observation flees. Nothing can turn the sun back around.

Pursuing design and out of time.
Now that you know there’s time, rethink everything heard by the careless choir.

Sit and watch as I arise. I lean on surmise, though their eyes are far from dry. Will fingers uncross? Will these knots untie?

brief: take a chance, hope high, do not let life pass you by

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    My InterpretationDespite the person being told their songs aren't about God, I'm think this one is all about how Sierra feels about religion. She seems like an atheist, which is cool, I guess. I actually believe that God exists, but this is one of my favorite songs anyway.

    In Pursuing Design is basically a song about religion, identity and purpose. Why are we all here? Is there really a God? It's something most people wonder about at least once in their life, right?

    "You have never said a word, with tangled hands dry"
    This part is referring to maybe how God hadn't actually spoken to her, maybe? I don't know about the tangled hands, but they could symbolize prayer.

    "I see through rose-colored eyes"
    Seeing through rose-colored eyes is an idiom for 'things looking better than they actually are', so this parts given.

    "Tell me I'm the only chance constantly hanging from the sky"
    This is what she's told God is telling her

    "Pursuing design both far and wide"
    She's trying to find herself... her identity, her beliefs, etc.

    "Now that you know there's time, rethink everything heard by the careless choir"
    This part was a bit strange, and I interpreted it differently, but after seeing VersaVulture's comment about Sierra going to a Catholic school and hating it (with this referring to that)... it not only makes perfect sense, but even further supports my thoughts on the song.

    "The way we see these things– it's how we dream about reality. Problematic to believe, let alone perceive"
    It's talking about religion again, and how seeing religion as reality is 'problematic' because it's no more real than dreams. We want dreams to be real oftentimes, because they solve our problems, but they're not.

    "With doubt your mind reads through internally, while observation flees. Nothing can turn the sun back around."
    Not only is this my favorite Versa song ever, but these lines are my favorite out of every song that ever was. They're beautiful. Okay, so the meaning: This part is talking about how people blindly follow their religion, not observing the lack of truth behind it. And the last line is pretty obvious in its meaning... that we can't undo what's been done, and we cant take back whats been given. Beautiful.

    "Pursuing design and out of time"
    Okay, so here's why I think it changed. This line is actually kinda eerie if you think about it. So paired with the 2nd verse, this is basically saying that the people who blindly follow their faith spend their whole lives doing so. Now, they can't take back the life they've wasted, and they're out of time... aka dead/about to die.

    "Sit and watch as I arise."
    Sierra is egging people who believe in God on, in a contradictory way. She's telling them that she'll move on with her life, and they'll stay where they are, held back by their faith.

    "I lean on surmise"
    She could either be pointing out that there's no proof that God exists, or she could be saying that just like the people who believe in God, she has no proof that she's right either. Either way, she knows that she's found herself, and she's doing things her own way.

    "though their eyes are far from dry"
    People are still crying. Pain, depression, despair... they're things we'll live with as long as the human race continues to exist.

    "Will fingers uncross? Will these knots untie?"
    Will we all have to stop hoping, and will the truth about religion ever be revealed?

    note that this is just all my interpretation, so I could be completely wrong about this
    buzzyreckyon May 09, 2012   Link
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    General CommentDude, I love this band so, so much. They are amazing. Cannot wait for Perceptions to come out. Yeah, first to comment.
    xxJadeStarxxon June 11, 2008   Link
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    General CommentThese guys (and girl) are going to be so big, they're so talented.
    operateon August 04, 2008   Link

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