Green and blue,
just like me, me and you.
You're nothing like me,
green and blue...
This is the point in question.

We're always rude,
just like me, me and you.
You're nothing like me,
you're not rude...
So much for first impressions.

I bend my truth,
not to pacify, to satisfy you.
I wear a suit...
For no reason but to ratify you.

I know we disagree
and have our angry days,
I know sometimes it just feels wrong.
But when the dust clears there's just one thing left to say...
You're my best friend, you're my baby,
you're my song.

See you through...
See right through me, me through you.
You know the true me seeing through,
so much for contrived inflection.

I've had my fun,
living like I had nothing to lose.
Now i'm done...
and all I want to do is be right here with you.
oh youyouyouyouyou


Been so long now looking back we were so young, oh the first time that you let me hold your hand...
Gonna treat you like the woman
you've become, gonna love you like the man that I am.

God I love you,
you've been with me all along.
You're the only home I know.
You're the light I have that keeps me walking on.

Green and blue, babe.
Me and You, babe.
You're my song.

You're my passion,
You're my reason,
You're my song.

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    General Commentfirst off i love this song its amazing!! and im shocked noones commented on it yet! Benjy Davis Project is a truly amazing band and i have no doubt they will be huge in a couple years!

    i think this song is about a boy who's been with a girl for so long and together they're like one mind or person. but seperate they're so different (kind of like opposites attract)

    "Green and blue,
    just like me, me and you."

    Blue and yellow make green and i think in a metaphorical way hes saying that he's just the color blue without her but together they're the color green and have something great like a great combination of both of their personalities..

    I think its about being with someone for so long that you maybe start to take them for granted but when it comes down to it they're such a big part of you.
    ibreathemusicon May 15, 2008   Link
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    My InterpretationI think the Green and Blue parts refer to the emerald and sapphire birthstones, where one was perhaps born in May and the other was born in September.

    I read on some website saying people like others who were born within two months of their own birthday, while favoring less the people who are born four to six months away from their birth month. Given that, May and September are four months apart, and it may seem that the song is about how they don't feel right for each other, as their birth months kinda reflect that.
    bjchauon February 09, 2013   Link

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