Our ancient nightmares, the ghostly legends,
And fiendish tales, all the myths are true.
Scientists have unearthed enormous skeletons
They think we've disproved that all the myths are true.

"Year after year, science finds explanations, scientific reasons behind all the legends. They think this proves history was not as myth has
shown it, but in fact it proves that all the myths were true."

The ruined remains of an ancient city
Deep underwater, all the myths are true
Scientists have unearthed enormous skeletons
They think we've disproved that all the myths are true.

"...a giant crater is all that remains of what was once the largest city..."
"...currently all the graves stand empty. Government officials estimate damage to the neighborhood at well over $200,000..."
"...the death toll is rising, scientists are scrambling to find some way to stop the massive..."
"...dozens witnessed the attack, no one saw the attacker..."
"...a fishing schooner off the shore of Iceland, wrapping its tentacles around the hull and pulling it under..."
"...found this man to be well over 200 years old. In his cellar was found dozens of jars of frozen blood, human blood..."
"...whereabouts are currently unknown. Police warn citizens to stay away from the forest..."

Deep in the forest, half-crazed witch doctors
with their herbal magics. All of it is true.
They've found traces of neurotoxins in
the zombie's bloodstream. All the myths are true.

Ancient nightmares, archaic legends,
Enigmatic dreams. All of it is true.

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    General CommentHonestly this is one of my favorite songs on the planet. It's so creepy becuase the point made is true -- science basically has PROVEN half the myths we see as fiction. There has been a lot of scientific evidence for giant squids, but my favorite is Zombies. A toxin found in pufferfish and a few toads [Tetrodotoxin] can put humans in a deathlike state, from which they can later be revived. [google TTX and zombies.]

    They're so right. The myths are true... And this is an amazing song :D
    xramenheadxon May 15, 2008   Link

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