[Do you remember
Those jaded days
When we believed
That life was
Our greatest misfortune

Do you remember
When we found out
The cage that we spent
Out whole lives
Trying to escape
Was the only protection
We ever truly had

God damn it
We are never
Going to live
This shit down]

The cynic empire
Strangles these eyes
As the bastard offspring
Of our own self-loathing
Butcher the fragile meat
That clings in apathy
To a structure
Of bleached bones

Dehumanization and castration
Are the only few
Morsels of truth
Once can ever truly
Wish a macabre
Sustenance from

(Bleed me dry
Break me down
Let me know
That I am
Still alive)x2

Chipped bone
Lies like teeth
In a sick little grin
Poised in spectation
Overjoyed in my
Vigilante rapture

Is there a god
Is there justice
Or am I gulty
Of a crime that
Rides each breath
That I take

[Oh can you feel it
Can you feel
The simple warmth
That lies within
The wound you gave

Can you feel
Entrails seeping between
The unforgiving talons
On your crimson paw

Read my viscera
Like a sweet epigram
To a history of regret
And when I finally pass
Hang my head
From the highest pole
And let the world know
The true face
Of a modern martyr]

Fragile fancy
Frolics with finesse
Through figments of
Finical fiction
Consuming all
That dares to
Pierce its path
Sending those
Whose names lie
On misfortune's tongue
Into the deepest pits
Of their own
Bastardized inhibition

And although
My body now lies
In a heap of
Faded flesh
My words will
Forever stand tall

Lyrics submitted by DJ LM

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