I'm really unsure...if I'm a vampire
Before I take a drink...I wonder should I be biting her
When you kill my friends out in the pale moon light
I wonder, am I a creature of the night

How'm I gonna eat, when the sun rises this morning
How'm I gonna eat, when your blood's sucked dry
How'm I gonna eat, when my teeth grow long and pointy
Are rats all I'll need when I'm hungary, how'm I gonna eat.

Where you used to stab all the vampires backs
...They'd disappear into ash
A fetish that I can't ignore
...Like wood stakes in your dresser drawers.
And the hours that you spend working out and kick boxing
Make me wish that...we were necking

How'm I gonna eat, when Buffy no longer loves me
How'm I gonna eat, when the writers kill me
How'm I gonna eat, when the Goth scene's too depressing
Will I be like Mr. T, in a spinoff series, how'm I gonna eat.

How'm I gonna eat when Buffy's ratings finally fall
How'm I gonna eat...

Gonna get my own TV show
They'll call it "Angel" named after me you know
I gonna taste leading role success
So they won't just think of me
...as the living dead, living dead

How'm I gonna eat, when they typecast me
How'm I gonna eat
How'm I gonna eat

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Angel's Lament (Buffy the Vampire Slayer parody) song meanings
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