now its all spaceship wishes, starry-eyed dreams ,
balancing a heavy load high on that beam,
promises and fanmail kept in a shoebox,
die for that female, tears made of dew drops,
tucked in goodnight sleep with the angels,
when you awaken youll be wearing the same clothes
hammer, wrench, amateur porn,
this type of player never sits around to keep the bench warm
i'ma high plains jerk off, a migraine with feet,
gotta lotta fly free belted into the seats
rooftop hustler, gargle my spit, passenger pilot with a car full of chicks
yeah baby, i love the way your eyeballs look,
but not enough to compensate for the time y'all took
now mash on the gas, lets mess up your hairdo
how longs it gonna take to get to Syracuse ?

if i leave you tomorrow, will you pack your suitcase and follow?
or would you say peace and forget me next week?
cause sometimes it seems like its easy to breathe
and all the kids read deep into the lyrics,
and the participants want to be peerless
but in my heads a symphony, of your epiphany
and all i wanted to do was be a mother fuckin' MC

y'all think that you know me that well
y'all think that you know me that well
i think y'all can all go to hell
and tell the devil i said fuck you (fuck you)
cause its all overkill

one for the stellas, two for the guidos with the swollen eyes
mounted on my people with the lullabies
and any poltergeist can rip and breathe the lilacs
but i'm the type to accidentally kiss the Venus fly traps
this all reminds me of jellies using thunder cats
with a gash on my criminal record, so run it back
and i can feel it as a child growin' up
that half of these white rappers are probably just racist as fuck
play with the bugs to save a glimpse when i be in the masi drainage ditch
to get the brainy bits from skater chicks
now the day can flip and i can keel over
these are the anecdotes i don't reveal sober
these are the painted quotes to get us paid
she fronted like she stabbed me in the back with her shoulder blade
two cigars touch i smoke 'em still cause Lucy thinks the homie slug
is into dell and only built for Cuban links,
anything can sing a schizophrenic wind song
but i'ma stab it with an ice pick till its gone, scream a hate song drastic,
peoples droppin' albums and two weeks later its called classic
give me a bloody t-bone and some bread bowls to pay the 6 dollar and 60 cent death toll
broken hearted blitzkrieg see all we've ever done is peace and MC's

y'all think that you know me that well
y'all think that you know me that well
i think y'all can all go to hell
and tell the devil i said fuck you (fuck you)
cause its all overkill

you ain't nobody, you ain't nobody, you ain't nobody
no you (either) ain't nobody, no you aint shit

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H Overkill (feat. Mac Lethal) song meanings
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    General Comment"and all the kids read deep into the lyrics"

    How does he know?
    Treetherson March 29, 2009   Link
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    General Commentthe above comment is so true, I don't know how Slug knows that all the hardcore fans listen deeply into his lyrics. He's right though, I always see people commenting on videos describing what Slug is talking about when in reality, we don't know his whole life. Fuck I love the guy..
    God1Loves1Uglyon March 17, 2012   Link

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