"Diving Bell" as written by and Jay Clifford....
and she curls her fingers
and shakes like a baby
she's always been
uneasy in the dark

she twists like a radio
the frequencies weaving
the sanctuary of her restless mind
and she takes one more breath
from the diving bell

she floats by the window
a dress hung out on the line
she's always been weak in the knees
she bends like a photograph
the chemicals bleeding
and trades her courage for the tie that binds
her to take one more breath
from the diving bell

finally asleep she is sold
each breath for a handsome price
lying hand in hand, side by side
a woman and her sacrifice

she twists like a radio
an ocean of static
endlessly drowning
a heart designed
to take one more breath
from the diving bell
and she takes one more breath
from the diving bell

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    General CommentThis song is so haunting... I've been trying to figure it out for a while, even just to figure out what the words actually are. I'd like him to share the lyrics, but I'm not sure whether or not I wanna know the inspiration. The mystery, the theories... are half the fun of pulling poetry apart.

    My first theory: the central theme is a mother's sacrifice for her child. She lives in a water-world that's designed to suffocate her, and her one redemption is her child, the air in the diving bell.

    The story... this mother is trying to get some sleep. She's alone and it's cold, that's why we have the curling of fingers, the shaking, the feeling uneasy in the dark. "Uneasy in the dark" could also mean that this whole motherhood thing is like being in the dark, not really knowing what the best thing is for her child.

    She's got a lot on her mind, maybe thinking about the what ifs?... like the freedom she could have without the responsibility of a child... her twisting is the physial response to the restlessness she feels inside, cuz somedays she would like to just run away, or maybe even end it all? who knows, but she goes to her child's room and is reminded why she's making this sacrifice (takes one more breath from the diving bell)

    By the window, the dress hung out on the line is a picture of responsibility, the mundane work of life, and the fact that it's a dress could indicate she's trying to keep her beauty amidst motherhood. I think "she's always been weak in the knees" is saying she's always been a woman of strong emotions, and that's why she bends, maybe stretching herself out, trying to physically release the emotions she's feeling. I kind of wonder if she's thinking about suicide too? (She sees the clothesline, maybe contemplates it a little, but the string that connects her to her child is more important than the one that she could tie around her neck? idk) Or maybe looking out the window could be another sign of her restlessness, the secret desire to run away. But the "courage" it would take to run away, she trades it in, in order to maintain the connection with her child.

    She falls asleep. She's given all she has for this kid. At first I thought it was "I wanna end her sacrifice" so I thought the husband was admiring her and wanting to take the load from her. Maybe it is still.

    She still twists, sleep doesn't really relieve her from her worries, but even though the world she's living in keeps trying to drown her, she was made for this task, she was made to live for her child.
    gwen23on July 21, 2009   Link

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