Icono-classic! Magnetic mix tape. Fantastic.
Turntable gymnastic. Circular thin plastic.
Spectacular action. The science of friction.
Attraction. Sink in the kitchen. Addiction.
Ridiculous. Attention to details: meticulous.
The nucleus: the two of us - the nicest and the spookiest.
Priceless and lucrative. Who could have guessed it?
Destined to polish and demolish the next contestant.
Consistent. Constant. Never non-stopping it.
Kissing a model. Taking a piss in a bottle.
Never missing a battle. Permission is granted.
Just listen. Listen to this. Listen to this!
Loosen yourself up chosen one, learn your lesson.
Swallow this to burn your stress and earn your blessing.
Make the sign of the cross-fade in the first place.
Stereo system. The scenario is worst-case.
Back to the birth place. This is how it’s meant to be.
The signal was sent to me as a separate entity.
Identity crises. Born as a pisces.
Out on the high seas. Vaguely-precisely.
Ugly but loveable. Partially invisible.
The spiritual and physical. The lyrical and mystical.
Difficult, isn’t it? The point? Irrelevant.
Clumsy and elegant. The mouse and the elephant.

Cop Shades!
Falcon vs. eagle.
Cop shades!
Weapons and sex toys.

Run with the hunted, the pundits, the self-funded bozos.
In this corner it’s the 1200 Hobos.
Make no bones about it till the ozone drops.
It’s promo stops and robo cops.
Oh, so pretty. She’s oh so pretty.
Tougher than tough, the beat suffers from obesity.
At least have the decency to keep your distance peacefully.
I aint heard nothing that interests me recently.
Its been a long time, baby. Maybe I’m wrong.
Rappers lift weights but still can’t rhyme strong.
The line’s drawn but I don’t know who drew.
If you don’t like it I would like to see you do it.
Give it a go! Under the lights! No looking back! Hail to the boss!
Fill in the blanks! Never look down! No second chance! Nailed to the cross!
Difficult, isn’t it? The point? It’s obvious.
Probably it’s the difference between professionals and hobbyists.

Cop shades!
Falcon vs. eagle.
Cop shades!
Weapons and sex toys.

Kill! Kill! Pussycat, faster and more often.
Lay down in your coffin. Get harder or soften.
Sensation wore off and I’m lost in Penn Staition.
I can resist anything except temptation.
Trust me. It figures. My fingers are dusty.
Friggin’ with some snakes and diggin’ for drum breaks.
It takes one to know one. I am rubber, you are glue.
Number two, remember me? I’m working undercover.
For the love of the thunder, I wonder where I should wander.
Slaughtering, slithering hither and yonder.
Water and wind. Earth and fire independent.
why bother? Is it worth defending the first amendment?
Sign of the times - choose a blind man to guide the blind.
We all try to find a good excuse to hide behind.
Difficult, isn’t it? The point? There is none.
Forget what you know, because that’s true wisdom.

Cop shades!
Falcon vs eagle.
Cop shades!
Weapons and sex toys.

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