"Only Human" as written by Sacha Skarbek and Jason Thomas Mraz....
A squirrel in the tree is he watching me
Does he give a damn?
Does he care who I am?
I'm just a man, is that all I am
Are my manners misinterpreted words or only human?
I'm human

Murderous crow, hey what you know
What you reading about, what you hold in your toes
Is that a twig, are you a dove of peace
A black dove undercover, with another puzzle piece
Are you a riddle to solve all along?
Or am I over thinking thoughts of human after all

Only human
Made of flesh, made of sand, made of you and me
The planet's talking about a revolution
The natural laws ain't got no constitution
They've got a right to live their own life
But we keep paving over paradise

Cause we're only human
Yes we are, only human
If it's our only excuse do you think we'll keep on being only human
Yes we are, yes we are
Only human, only human, only human
So far...

Up in the major's tree, the one he planted back when he was just a boy
Thinking 1923
Thirty meters and a foot, take a look, take a climb
What you'll find is the product of a seed
The seed is sown, all alone
It grows above, with a heart of love
Sharp and shelter of the animals of land and cold weather breathing
We're all breathing in

The planet's talking about a revolution
The natural laws ain't got no constitution
They've got a right to live their own life
But we keep paving over paradise

Cause we're only human
Yes we are, only human
If it's our only excuse do you think we'll keep on being only human
Yes we are, only human, only human, so far, so far

And this place it will outlive me
Before I get to heaven I'll climb that tree
And I will have to give my thanks
For giving me the branch to swing on
If I ever fall in love
I'll have to give myself a baby
I will let my children have their way

Cause we're only human, yes we are
Only human, so far, so far

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"Only Human" as written by Sacha Skarbek Jason Thomas Mraz

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    General CommentThis song is about the Green Movement. Read the lyrics again, and notice "if that's our only excuse, how do we think we'll keep on being only human." He talks about how this (the environment/planet) will outlive him, and makes references to "paving over paradise" and "planets talking about a revolution, the natural laws ain't got no constitution."

    It's his commentary (with LOTS of metaphors and word play) about caring for the environment.
    kariason May 23, 2008   Link
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    General Commentcould be about marijuana, but looking at the lyrics of "plane" i think that one is too. It's kinda obvoius that he's had a problem with it..
    i think he's fine now, idk, haha my obsessive self knows that from reading his online journal.

    but i like this song a lot, he has an amazing voice, and it shows here,
    i thought it was about human flaws, with references to mj as an example.
    but the "product of a seed. the seed is sown, all alone"
    thats referring to the "30 meters and a foot" tree. something so huge and amazing is the product of something so little as a seed.
    hmmm not a marijuana plant i guess...
    oh yeah, and the "we're all breathing in" part...
    well plants do provide oxygen, not just mary jane zach. jsyk.

    so maybe this song is about how we as humans have the potential to do great things, but we're flawed in nature, but we are working on those flaws, and will overcome them soon "only human, so far, so far"

    it keeps referring to this "tree" (that i doubt is a marijuana plant)
    metaphorical?? for what?
    many things haha but thats part of the meaning's mystery.
    MRS_A-Zon May 10, 2008   Link
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    General CommentComing from someone who has smoked a lot of weed in her day and consequently tends to see weed references pretty much everywhere I can honestly say I don't think this song has any references to it... and even it does it definitely doesn't feel like weed is meant to be the overarching theme of the song.

    and I also read his journal

    but this is just my opinion
    mengel07on May 15, 2008   Link
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    General CommentRead his journal from Monday, November 19, 2007 entitled "Me and the Major" and you'll read about the tree mentioned in this song and hopefully it'll all make a little more sense :)
    Mrazinesson May 17, 2008   Link
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    General Commentso if its not about marijuana,
    then what does it mean?
    LaurenAshleyyon May 22, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI agree that it's more about the green movement. What my first impression was is that this was a sarcastic way to point out our flaws and that people are using the excuse that "we're only human" I think he's trying to say that it isnt a good excuse and we know we shouldn't be "paving over paradise" or cutting down forests or whatever, but we do it anyway because we're "only human". I think the "so far" part is saying that he thinks we as humans have much more potential and maybe in the future we'll realize our mistakes and stop using this excuse.
    udums34on June 18, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI agree with the green movement thing, but I was thinking about the song last night and the lines,

    "They've got a right to live their own life
    But we keep paving over paradise"

    Really stuck out to me. It made me think, overall, we say we don't care about other people or how they choose to do things yet we're constantly looking over what might make them happy. "I respect you, but not really, because I decide to screw over all your ideas."

    It's like saying one is a failure for being a dropout or a fool for not living up to expectations. You said you didn't care, but it looks like you did anyway. And for what? Obviously not the person you're demeaning -- "Only human" being the excuse we use to defend our own selfishness. They might be happy with their decision, but we could care less because it's not what -we- want to see; and as a result we effectively 'pave over their paradise'. Maybe the animals are metaphors for other people going about their lives?

    Eh, that's just my two cents.
    shikonaorion June 22, 2008   Link
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    General CommentWow, I had no idea this guy had tripped until i heard this song. When I heard these lyrics, I absolutely knew he had to have been 'turned on'. So i looked around and found...

    "words are only human" - as in our existence/reality is only what we perceive.

    I would have to say the strongest message in this song is the constant stuggle between "let's get green", but then realizing does it really matter? We're nothing more than a squirrel, a crow. We do what we will to survive, to live, and who knows if we'll last. (How long do we think we'll keep on being?)

    Could just be me though. Take a hit and see what you think...
    bennynauton July 29, 2008   Link
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    General CommentTHIS SONG IS NOT ABOUT WEED! i'm not denying that he does it, but he said in an interview on youtube that this song is literally about a tree in his backyard. he is saying that nature has no choice when it comes to what humans do with the earth. that animals have a right to live in their homes, but humans, not caring, will destroy their homes in a heartbeat. but he's not neccesarily blaming us, as humans, because we are just trying to live our lives too.
    kbw8on August 06, 2008   Link
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    General Commenti saw that video too..
    it was pretty sweet, i totally agree with kbw8
    coollbeanson September 19, 2008   Link

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