"Are You Interested?" as written by and Luke Gower Flynn Gower....
Caught In the thick of it
Eye in the pyramid
Force fed and sick of it

Yes, they're making lists of people interested in this
And they're scanning all their data bases, hunting terrorists
Yes they're making lists of people interested in this
And anyone who speaks their mind is labelled anarchist

Yes they're making lists..

Yes they're making lists of people interested in this
Yes they're making lists, read the warning signs!

Bald heads in parliament with ritual and covenant
Keep telling us we've got to read the warning signs
Barcodes and fingerprints, obedience identikit
It's time to read the warning signs

Yes they're making lists of people interested in this
And they're weeding out the baddies like the flour that we sift

Yes they're making lists...

Sun gods and obelisks in blood lines from Sirius
As doctor puts a spin on all the warning signs
Corporation counterfeit, we're strip searched and desperate
It's time to read the warning..

Yes they're making lists of people interested in this
And there's whispers in the temple of a rebel catalyst
Yes they're making lists of people interested in this
Yet the public like to laugh at fools who take it serious

Early in the morning as the garden starts to grow
Every single warning is a seed we need to sow

Yes they're making lists! Are you interested?
Yes they're making lists but maybe they're the terrorists

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    General CommentWhen I saw them last month, before they played this song he made a speech kinda thing that I found really nice
    It was something along the lines of how as people and as individuals, we all have our own goals and aspirations, but as a country and a planet, we dont.


    This albums alot better than I expected.
    By the way, COG are awesome live, reccommend it to anyone.
    syko_braton June 05, 2008   Link
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    General CommentMad
    deafening_silenceon May 28, 2008   Link
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    General CommentThis song is as i percieve about humanity being taken for a ride by the so called "Illuminati" this is what the Eye of Horus represents, it is not about being indivuals and us going one way and the world another, it is about the Powers That Be, the internationalists who rule your entire life without your consent, it is a trick to want the things you want, it is a trick to fall into the temptation of fitting in. It is absolutely infuriating that people cannot understand this. The point of the song is to wake the fuck up and look around you with not just open eyes but an open mind. The truth is hard to swallow but I've swallowed it and so can you. That's right, take a nice huge spoonful of reality when it hits you, as it will.
    dimensionaltruthson May 06, 2012   Link
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    General CommentSurely it's about the Howard-era "anti-terrorism" laws that are highly draconian, and could easily catch normal people who were operating well within the normal bounds of civil discourse.
    NATE808on June 15, 2014   Link

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